General Mills launches its first keto-focused product, :ratio

New :ratio foods, photo provided by General Mills
New :ratio foods, photo provided by General Mills /

General Mills adds keto friendly products to meet growing consumer demand.

As lifestyle choices drive consumer spending, General Mills is bringing its first keto-focused product, :ratio to stores. From convenience to options, this new product line looks to fill a growing consumer demand. Ready to take a taste?

According to studies, the “ketogenic product category is predicted to grow 5.5% through 2027.” With that much potential growth, store shelves will start to show that food trend. Instead of just a small aisle hidden in the back of the store, these products will be sitting next to those favorite chips, granola bars and even candy.

The new General Mills line, :ratio, launches with cruncy bars and yogurt cultured dairy snacks. Both of these items are consumer staples. By offering classic snacks in a keto-friendly format, the company is responding to consumers’ wants, both in convenience and flavor.

According to Tsubasa Tanaka, director of marketing at General Mills. “In launching :ratio’s keto* friendly products, we want to ensure that convenient, delicious snack options are available for various lifestyles and dietary choices. No matter what individual goals are, we hope :ratio’s crunchy bars and dairy snacks can be an enjoyable snack swap that people look forward to and feel good about reaching for while working towards their goals.”

While these new products are targeted at a specific audience, the flavors and textures need to deliver. There is a strong focus on rich flavor, texture and the convenience of providing a snack that fits into the keto lifestyle.

Looking at this new product, the yogurt looks to be a game changer. With fruit forward flavors and a rich, creamy texture, this yogurt could be a hit beyond the keto lifestyle. Available in Strawberry, Coconut, Vanilla, Mango and Black Cherry, the flavors offer the variety people want and the popular flavors that people crave. Plus, the yogurt has 2g of net carbs and 1 gram of sugar per serving. It is a win in the healthy eating category.

For people who want that crunch, the crunchy bars come in two flavors, Lemon Almond and Toasted Almond. The Lemon Almond looks to bring a bright, refreshing flavor to snack time. That lemon flavor should be a huge hit.

General Mills, keto
New :ratio foods, photo provided by General Mills /

As the :ratio hits store shelves, it will be interesting to see if both keto lifestyle followers and other healthy eating lifestyles turn to this new product. When a great flavor delivers a product that people want, everyone will want to buy it.

The new :ratio crunch bars and dairy snacks will be at select locations and online. A dairy snack will retail for $1.49 and a four-count box of crunchy bars will retail for $7.99.

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What do you think of this new General Mills product? Will you want to try it?