The Mandalorian snacks bring The Child’s force to your table

The Mandalorian Cereal available at Sam's Club, photo provided by Sam's Club
The Mandalorian Cereal available at Sam's Club, photo provided by Sam's Club /

The Child (or Baby Yoda) gives his approval to The Mandalorian snacks.

As everyone waits for Season 2, The Mandalorian snacks add a touch of the force to snack time. While The Child is front and center on these General Mills snacks, the flavors and fun bring that Star Wars connection to food table. Which snack do you think is Baby Yoda’s favorite?

The connection between pop culture and snack time continues to grow. Whether it is a favorite movie, an iconic character or even a food trend, people are drawn to some snacks not just for their flavor but also for that pop culture connection.

Although many people have flocked to Disney Parks to be immersed in the Galaxy’s Edge world, Star Wars inspired food isn’t limited to Batuu. General Mills is stocking store shelves with many treats.

With The Child front and center on the label, many people will have to buy these treats. While the packaging draws people in, the flavors of the treats keep people coming back for more.

For example, The Mandalorian-inspired Cereal is a fruit filled treat. Although the flavors are a touch sweet, the bold colors bring out of this world fun to the cereal bowl.

If you are looking for a little more Star Wars inspired, sprinkle some of this cereal on vanilla ice cream. It is quite a treat.

With many kids back in school, parents are always looking for a kid-approved snack. The Mandalorian Fruit Flavored Snacks are inspired by the various characters. Maybe the kids can bring a little story time imagination to snack time.

If you want to make your mark, The Mandalorian Fruit Roll-Ups come with tongue tattoos. While you might only want to show your special marking to family members, it could be a little sillness around the family table.

Lastly, Go-Gurt is getting a Star Wars inspired flavor twist. The Mandalorian-inspired Go-Gurt Tubes come in Berry Bounty and Cherry Galaxy flavors. Although these flavors might have sound familiar, the special packaging makes it out of this world.

If you want to enjoy these General Mills Star Wars themed treats, don’t miss your opportunity. While Baby Yoda might be a child for hundreds of years, these treats may not last quite as long.

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What are your favorite pop culture inspired treats?