Insomnia Baked Us a Speakeasy CookieLab in Philly

Insomnia Cookies, photo provided by Insomnia Cookies
Insomnia Cookies, photo provided by Insomnia Cookies /

Cookie lovers, we got a new spot for you with business in the front and a party in the back. ICYMI, Insomnia Cookies, known for their warm, soft, chocolatey batch of cookies now has a speakeasy where all your cookie dough dreams can ‘crumb’ true, introducing the CookieLab (aka the one-of-a-kind “sweeteasy”).

Hidden behind a secret bookcase is the first-ever speakeasy-style shop from Insomnia. And I say, “first-ever,” in hopes that more pop up in the future!

When you enter, it’s a beautiful neon night mode vibe with pinks, greens and darker tones to set the stage for the midnight craving.

Fans who visit the CookieLab can customize cookies from scratch, including picking your own batter, mix and toppings. Insomnia wants you to have fun and give your own creation a name. Maybe now’s the time to bring out your own secret menu ideas?

If the cookie experience is overwhelmingly exciting, don’t worry, Insomnia also has a secret menu of their own where you can pick cookies creations of your choice.

Cookies aren’t the only sweet treats available, in fact, fans can also create over the top milkshakes and by the looks of it, those can include cookies too!

According to NBC Philly who got an inside tour of the secret lab, Insomnia pulled out all the best toppings for their milkshakes, which includes —

  • “Galaxy: A double chocolate chunk cookie, purple buttercream with white chocolate chips, and galaxy sprinkles”
  • “Blueberry Pancake Remix: A warm sugar cookie covered in cream cheese icing, dried blueberries, cinnamon streusel, and maple syrup”
  • “Cereal Munchies: A cereal bowl cookie with cream cheese icing, and Fruity Pebbles”
  • “PB Pretzel: A peanut butter cookie with Insomnia Chocolate Cookie Butter, crushed pretzels, PB chips, and a PB drizzle”

Sorry to disappoint, but for now, the CookieLab is only located in East Passyunk, South Philadelphia (833 Wharton Street to be exact), across the street from the iconic cheesesteak rivals, Pat’s and Geno’s. If you’re heading on a road trip anytime soon, add this to your list! In the meantime, you can still order endless cookies from the cookie company.

Now, the reason we all love Insomnia is because they tend to our cravings whenever we need it.  According to the CookieLab website, the sweeteasy is open Monday-Wednesday and Sunday until 1am, Thursday-Saturday until 3am and on weekends, the pick up window is 24/7. Talk about cookie magic!

But WAITTTT, how do you get in?Only smart cookies allowed. Just kidding.

Like all speakeasy, you’ll have to say the secret password (found in Insomnia’s Instagram Stories or CookieLab Highlight on Instagram) that will be updated every week in order to pass through the hidden bookshelf. If you weren’t already following Insomnia on Instagram, then now would be the time.