Insomnia Cookies launches three new vegan cookies

Insomnia Cookies, photo provided by Insomnia Cookies
Insomnia Cookies, photo provided by Insomnia Cookies /

New vegan cookies are another reason to visit Insomnia Cookies.

Insomnia Cookies and its CookieLab have been hard at work creating three new vegan cookies. Launched on National Vegan Day, these new cookie flavors will delight both vegans and people who are looking to adapt some new healthy eating choices.

When a cookie craving hits, it needs to be satisfied. Insomnia Cookies was founded on the idea that warm, delicious cookies can make anyone smile. What started as late night study breaks has turned into more than 100 locations that specialize in delivering warm, fresh cookies from 10 a.m. till 3 a.m. daily.

While the cookie company has had gluten free and vegan cookie on its menu, it has just added three new vegan cookies to the menu. Those new cookies are Vegan Chocolate Chunk, Vegan Double Chocolate Chunk and Vegan Birthday Cake.

The Vegan Chocolate Chunk features a ton of gooey, dairy free chocolate chunks. Whether enjoyed with a glass of milk or even a late-night coffee, this vegan cookie could make anyone convert to a vegan dessert.

For the chocolate lover, the Vegan Double Chocolate Chunk is a chocolate dream. With twice the dark chocolate, this cookie would be great as a cookie sandwich. Consider adding a little nut spread in between two cookies.

Lastly, the Vegan Birthday Cake is a reason to turn any day into a celebration. From the sweet vanilla flavor to the festive sprinkles, this cookie makes everyone feel special.

By adding more vegan cookie offerings to its menu, Insomnia Cookies is following the current food trends. While more people are looking to adapt to a flexitarian lifestyle, a vegan cookie that delivers in both flavor and texture entices people to place an order. Just because people want more healthy eating options doesn’t mean that they skip dessert all together.

The new vegan cookies can be ordered via the Insomnia Cookies website. A variety of ordering options are available.

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What are your favorite cookies to order from Insomnia Cookies?