Is this birthday cake tradition banished forever?

Is this birthday cake tradition banished forever? , photo provided by Main Event
Is this birthday cake tradition banished forever? , photo provided by Main Event /

Birthday cake is always part of the celebration, but is part of the tradition changing?

When another year passes, a birthday cake often marks the occasion. Whether it is a simple, homemade cake or an elaborate bakery confection, that annual birthday celebration often involves some type of cake.

Another part of the celebration includes candles on the cake. The tradition of putting candles equaling your age can make the cake look like a flambe, but it is part of the celebration. Who hasn’t watched young and old gather around the cake, singing happy birthday and waiting for all those candles to be blown out. Given today’s climate, don’t you wish that there was a better way to put out those candles instead of blowing?

According to scientists at Clemson University, “1400% more bacteria are found on birthday cakes” after the big blow out. While people had tended to over look that “blowing” previously, it has become a hard pass in today’s current climate. Sharing germs is not the best birthday present.

Main Event has come up with a festive solution for putting out those birthday candles. Birthday Wishing Wands are a limited-edition line of birthday cake snuffers. Now instead of the big blow, the birthday boy can snuff out those birthday candles. In some ways, the idea could be even more fun.

While the Birthday Wishing Wands do not necessarily mean that the birthday wishes would come true, one thing is true. The blowing out of birthday candles is probably not going to be happening anymore (unless it is within your own family). Still, birthday candles on a birthday cake shouldn’t be banished forever. Just the blowing out of candles needs to go away.

Main Event will be offering these Birthday Wishing Wands at its locations. Also, they will be giving them away on Instagram. In a way, these Birthday Wishing Wands could be the new fun tradition. Just make sure to snuff the candle, not destroy the cake.

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Do you think that other birthday cake traditions will be changing?