Cholula wants to prevent a burrito down moment on Cinco de Mayo

Cholula Burrito Insurance, photo provided by Cholula
Cholula Burrito Insurance, photo provided by Cholula /

For many people, Cholula and a burrito are a flavorful pairing, but not all burrito moments are a match made in heaven. Sometimes that first burrito bite becomes a burrito disaster. When that tightly wrapped, hand held bite falls apart before you can enjoy all its tasty goodness, it is the ultimate food fail. With Cholula Burrito Insurance, burrito down moments can be rectified.

Without sounding like a late-night infomercial, there is something to be said about food disappointment. Whether it is that food delivery mistake, the added ingredient that you hate or just spilling on your shirt, food fails are the worst.

For Cinco de Mayo, no one should have to experience a bad burrito, aka a burrito down moment. That phrase describes the situation when the burrito just falls apart. If you need a burrito folding lesson, Cholula has graciously provided one.

Check out how to make a perfectly folded burrito from Cholula.

Since people might be over all the home cooking, this Cinco de Mayo might be time to place a food delivery order. But, Cholula doesn’t want anyone to have a burrito down moment so it is offering some savings via DoorDash. With the code BurritoDown, customers can “$20 toward any order that includes a burrito” and there are no delivery fees.

For these special orders, a mini Cholula bottle will be included. The second worst burrito fail is a flavorless burrito. But, the Burrito Insurance offer will be available in select cities, including Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles and New York City.

With all this talk about burritos, many people might be wondering who has the best burrito or the best burrito recipe. Although this food debate will wage on in perpetuity, the best option is to try various recipes and see which flavor combinations satisfy.

Recently, Cholula shared its recipe for Cholula Citrus Agave Chicken online. This recipe combines a touch of sweetness with acidity from the citrus, and, of course, the heat from the hot sauce. Actually, the marinade from this recipe might become a go-to choice for a variety of recipes, beyond a tasty burrito.

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This year’s Cinco de Mayo celebration deserves to be a flavorful one with no food fails. From the Cholula Burrito Insurance to perfecting the most delicious at home burritos, it might be time to find a new weekly food tradition. Ready to Wrap Up Buritto Wednesdays?