Dunkaroos New Frosting Tokens bring access to Chocolate Dunkaroos

Dunkaroos New Frosting Tokens for Chocolate Dunkaroos, photo provided by Dunkaroos
Dunkaroos New Frosting Tokens for Chocolate Dunkaroos, photo provided by Dunkaroos /

When it comes to nostalgic treats, Dunkaroos always tops the list. With the new Chocolate Dunkaroos coming this summer, wouldn’t you like one of those first tastes? If you can get your hands on the New Frosting Tokens (NFTs), that first dunk could be yours.

One of the recent pop culture trends has been NFT. While the term non-fungible token seems like a nonsense phrase, that digital asset is highly prized. Even though grandpa might prefer to have a piece of art hanging on this wall, the reality is that this digital asset is highly coveted.

For snack fans, getting access to the that first taste of a new treat is also highly coveted. From posting that drool worthy social media post or just impressing your friends with food before they can buy it on the market, the reality is that being first comes with bragging rights.

Which is more coveted Dunkaroos New Frosting Tokens or Chocolate Dunkaroos?

Before those new Chocolate Dunkaroos hit store shelves, the brand is joining the NFT conversation. As many people have learned, that digital artwork can be hard to find, sometimes has a nod to nostalgia and is highly coveted. If you thought that I was describing a package of Dunkaroos, you might not be wrong.

In some ways, this special event is the perfect way to build excitement over the new Chocolate Dunkaroos. Just like the return of that favorite nostalgic snack, this promotion seems to bring together all the parts that people love about the brand.

To participate in this New Frosting Tokens bidding frenzy, head to Rarible. The 10, one of a kind NFTs are up for bid for 72 hours (bidding began on Wednesday, April 28 at 6 a.m. CST.).

The highest bidder will receive “sole ownership of a minted piece of digital art AND will receive packs of Chocolate Dunkaroos before they hit store shelves.” Given the loyal fans of this popular dunkable cookie treat, the bidding war might fierce.

While many people will want to earn the prize, the event has a bigger purpose. It is a charity event. According to the brand, “100% of the profits earned from the sale of the Dunkaroos New Frosting Tokens will go to Feeding America.”

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And, if you are not the highest bidder, don’t fret. Chocolate Dunkaroos are coming. You just have to wait a little longer to get that first taste.