Could Smartfood Original Glazed Doughnut curb your Krispy Kreme craving?

Smartfood Original Glazed Doughnut, photo provided by Smartfood
Smartfood Original Glazed Doughnut, photo provided by Smartfood /

Smartfood Original Glazed Doughnut could be the ultimate snack food. The latest limited edition flavor takes the iconic Krispy Kreme flavor and brings it to the popcorn snack bowl. Could this solve that doughnut craving?

When the red glow of the Hot Light calls, it can be hard to resist. Even though people say that they will stop at just one doughnut, the warm, fresh doughnut that has been covered by that glaze waterfall cannot just sit in a box. After eating one, you might want another and another till the box is empty.

Although a teenage boy might be able to eat all those calories, the average person might have to run for hours to make up for that big number. Luckily, Smartfood has another option.

The new limited edition Smartfood Original Glazed Doughnut flavor is here. The snack food captures the doughnut flavor that many people love. Now, that sweet doughnut flavor can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere. Even if you don’t have a Krispy Kreme store in your neighborhood, you can enjoy a bag of this popcorn.

Since this new popcorn flavor is available for a limited time, it might be best to buy multiple bags. Even Sam’s Club has this Smartfood flavor available in stores before other locations. Who wouldn’t want a really big bag for snack time?

Should Smartfood Original Glazed Doughnut be a permanent flavor?

Recently, Smartfood has had several highly popular limited edition flavors. Many people longed for the Cap’n Crunch Berries mixed treat. That combination of textures and sweet flavors was a huge hit. Although it was a limited time offering, some people might be making their own version at home.

The other seasonal flavors, like snickerdoodle and apple cinnamon have been well received. It seems that each change of season comes with a new limited edition flavor.

For summer, it is interesting that Smartfood choose Krispy Kreme doughnuts as the flavor. It is one of the most iconic tastes. At the same time, it would be fun to try to put some of the flavored popcorn on top of a Krispy Kreme doughnut. It could be the ultimate flavor mash-up experience.

If you want a taste of this Smartfood snack head to Sam’s Club now. Or, the limited edition flavor will be available at major retailers as of May 24.

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What other flavors would you like to see Smartfood incorporate? Have any favorite suggestions for fall?