Vizzy Hard Seltzer wants to give the lemon a new twist

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(Photo by Patrick Aventurier/Getty Images) /

While Vizzy Hard Seltzer can be a refreshing libation, the brand understands that ocassionally life is more than just simplicity in a glass. Sometimes life needs an upgrade, and it might need to start with your car.

Do you remember your first car? Unless mom and dad had deep pockets, the big first purchase took years of saving, research and possibly some compromise. Sure, that Mazda Miata was amazing in 1999, but it isn’t so great in 2021. It doesn’t matter if there are classic plates on the car, it doesn’t compare to that hybrid in the parking space over.

While people can debate the term “lemon” when it comes to cars, the reality is that some cars are just better than others. Granted, any transportation might be better than nothing, but sometimes you want a little more.

How is Vizzy Hard Seltzer turning lemons into lemonade?

Now through May 10, Vizzy is giving those people with a lemon of a car a break. By sending a photo of your car “lemon,” the brand will send you free lemonade hard seltzer. In the world of exchanges for free food, this idea seems like a good one. Just remember to put the keys away after you’ve had a hard seltzer.

In addition, one lucky person will get the ultimate ride upgrade. The worst lemon of a car will get $25,000 which can be used to purchase a new car. And, to toast the occasion, the winner will also get “a year’s worth of Vizzy Lemonade Hard Seltzer.”

Elizabeth Hitch, marketing director for Vizzy Hard Seltzer, said, “Hard seltzer lemonades are the ‘it’ drink this spring, and Vizzy Lemonade takes it to the next level with the addition of antioxidant vitamin C and fun lemonade dual-flavor mash-ups. At the same time, more than ever people are buying used cars and settling for their less than ideal ride this season. So we figured, why not upgrade your lemonade hard seltzer and your lemon of a ride all at once?”

Even if you don’t have a lemon sitting in your garage, cracking open a Vizzy Hard Seltzer lemonade is perfect refreshment for the warmer weather. As the only “lemonade hard seltzer with antioxidant vitamin C,” this hard seltzer has a little boost. And, after the last year, doesn’t everyone need a little boost?

It is time to look on the bright, sunny side of life. The world might be full of lemons, but someone is waiting with an iced cold lemonade.

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What is your favorite hard seltzer lemonade? What do you think will be the beverage of summer?