Enroot, sparkling organic teas steeped in heritage

New Enroot Tea, photo provided by Enroot
New Enroot Tea, photo provided by Enroot /

While cold brew coffee fills the shelves, Enroot is a cold brew tea that looks to bring a new tasting experience to the beverage aisle. With the attention to detail and the emphasis on craft, one sip reveals a unique experience. Are you ready to open a bottle?

In the food world, attention to craft has become more important than ever. While celebrated chefs can spark a conversation about rescued produce and sustainable practices, the reality is that any and all food can be part of that conversation. It isn’t limited to the restaurant table.

With Enroot, the brand focuses on the concept “leaf-to-bottle.” The beverage looks to step away from the “hurried world of manufacturing” and embrace a slow, nuanced process to extract a fuller flavor.

According to Cris Patwa, CEO, the tea looks back to “my grandmother’s days” to steep a touch of heritage into each bottle. Combining that concept with “real, organic ingredients (that) you would find in our chef’s kitchens,” the tea looks to be unique on the shelf.

Patwa shared “I founded Enroot alongside Brad Pitt and John Fogelman, with the goal of helping make the world more delicious, diverse, and sustainable.” This commitment is more than just words, the philosophy is “ingrained in everything we do – from the development of the brand, our shared values and the types of food and beverage to explore.”

Through a partnership with 12 James Beard Impact chefs, the ingredients and flavors created tea blends “that were sourced responsibly, support sustainable agriculture and promote the protection of our natural resources.” Similar to the chefs’ commitments to “promote a sustainable food system in their local communities,” these teas spark a conversation beyond the flavor and refreshment in each bottle.

After “trying hundreds of tea varietals, fruits, roots, botanicals and brewing process,” the result is a sip that is smooth, sometimes layered that evolves as it is drunk. Since the brand uses a “slow 20-hour cold brew ritual,” any bitterness is eliminated.

Similar to the concept of a cold-brew coffee, the longer process allows the tea to bloom in a subtle way and extract the full flavor to enhance the drinking experience. With no added sugar, the flavor comes from “real tea leaves, fresh fruit, botanicals, and spices.”

In addition, there is a “sparkling finish” to this beverage. While not overly effervescent, that element adds a crispness to the beverage. On a warm day, it makes this tea perfectly refreshing.

How does cold brew enhance the flavor of Enroot?

While beverage trends spark people’s interest, the reality is that flavor brings people back. When drinkers experience the difference from a cold brewing process, they appreciate the lack of acidity, which means that the clean flavor comes through without other additives.

As Patwa said, “The 20-hour sparkling cold brew tea method is important because it brings out a smooth, balanced and refreshing flavor from these ingredients that is complemented by the sparkling texture.” In a sea of sameness, the tea stands out on the shelf.

In addition, Patwa believes that the “our drinker’s palates so that they can fully experience our five unique blends.” The flavors in this line cannot be found from other brands.

The flavors are “Strawberry Lavender Rosemary Tulsi, Mango Turmeric Ginger Guayusa, Raspberry Mint White Peony Tea, Apple Lemon Cayenne Yerba Mate, and Peach Hibiscus Jasmine Green Tea.” Each flavor has been created to focus on particular purpose, like revive, relax and rejuvenate. As seen by the flavor combinations, these teas are elevated. Each bottle is similar to a perfectly composed chef’s plate.

Given that these flavors are a little more nuanced, some tea drinkers might need some direction on flavors. In some ways, consider these teas like a total flavor experience. These teas are similar to a great dish that hits all the flavor profiles, sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and umami.

The Peach Hibiscus Jasmine Green Tea might be the most approachable. With a slight juiciness from the peach and the floral from the hibiscus, there is a subtly that makes it appealing. Light, refreshing, the tea is perfection on a sunny day.

For a bolder choice, the Apple Lemon Cayenne Yerba Mate is delightful. The combination of heat, sweet and tart could spark a new morning routine. The flavors seem to awaken the day and start everything on the right track.

Each bottle of Enroot is 25 calories. Depending on the flavor, the beverages are caffeine free to ½ an espresso. Enroot can be found at select grocers in Southern California.

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Are you ready to embrace a new drinking experience?