Chili’s is saying Cheers to Patron and more in May

Chili's Cinco De Mayo Celebration, photo provided by Chili's
Chili's Cinco De Mayo Celebration, photo provided by Chili's /

From May flowers to Cinco de Mayo, Chili’s is ready to celebrate with Cheers to Patron. The May Margarita of the Month is a fan favorite. While that refreshing piece of news might make you thirsty, there are even more reasons to head to the popular restaurant. Are you ready to Hide and Cinco?

The Margarita of the Month often has many people excited to see which Chili’s special menu item comes to the cocktail shaker. The Cheers to Patron cocktail is one of the brand’s most popular cocktails.

Joining the Chili’s signature sour is Patron Silver Tequila and Triple Sec. With a simple lime garnish, it is a reminder that when something is a classic, it is always in fashion. Like every Margarita of the Month, the Cheers to Patron is just $5.

Are you ready to Hide and Cinco with Chili’s?

For many people, Cinco de Mayo is a reason to enjoy a meal out and maybe grab that Margarita of the Month. This year, Chili’s is hosting a special scavenger hunt called Hide and Cinco.

Available in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Nashville, Tampa, and San Antonio, five pinatas will be hidden in each city for a total of 25 hidden prizes. For more information on the event, watch Chili’s Instagram and Twitter account for details.

As Michael Breed, vice president of of marketing at Chili’s said, “With immersive events and activities re-emerging, we knew we had an opportunity to do something fun, and we’re ready and excited to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with our Guests!”

Even if you didn’t win one of these prizes or live in one of the five special cities, there are plenty of reasons to visit Chili’s for a Cinco de Mayo lunch or dinner. From $5 deals on some margaritas to other beverage offers, there are plenty of reasons to make a special visit.

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This Cinco de Mayo don’t hide out on your couch. Raise a toast to a great summer ahead and enjoy the moment.