Turn that coffee cup into self-expression with little room to party

International Delight coffee self-expression, photo provided by International Delight
International Delight coffee self-expression, photo provided by International Delight /

Morning routines deserve a little boost and that coffee cup is the perfect place to start. International Delight believes that the mug deserves a little room to party. From first gulp to last sip, that self-expression in a glass can make any day a little brighter.

What does your coffee say about you? As that dark, rich liquid flows into the special mug, it holds a lot of promise. Can the aroma awaken your senses? Will the caffeine kick start the day? Can you make it through another virtual meeting that seems to drag on endlessly? Still, does that coffee cup deserve a little more than just bland and boring?

International Delight and Bob the Drag Queen have collaborated to bring some self-expression to the coffee cup. As Leora Kelley, senior brand manager of International Delight said, “We know that self-expression can come in small but impactful moments, like adding the perfect amount of your favorite creamer to your coffee, or big moments, like taking the stage.”

When it comes adding a little boost to the day, it is all about finding that moment. Bob the Drag Queen said, that these “coffee creamers start my day with a personal party each morning – to share how to spark a self-expression celebration in our virtual routine, even when your look is all party on top and pajamas on the bottom.”

Easy ways to bring some self-expression to the day and the coffee cup.

Bob the Drag Queen has a few tips to make any day seem a little more full. Whether it is creating the perfect sip of flavor in that morning coffee or adding a little pep in your step, it is all about finding those moments to shine.

“Make room for you”: While there should always be room in the coffee cup for a little International Delight coffee creamer, the reality is that the day needs room for yourself. Even just a few minutes of quiet time to prepare for the day can make a difference.

“Feel gorgeous, look gorgeous”: One big part of self-expression is finding what makes you smile. Whether is it rocking a messy bun or that great lipstick, little things do matter. When you feel good, you will always look great.

“Wear comfortable shoes”: Everyone might have learned in the past year that slippers are essential. While those sky high heels look great in a moment, they are not all day shoes. When no one can see what’s below the table, put on something comfy.

“Use your voice”: The biggest part of self-expression is being true to personal beliefs and that starts with your own words. Feeling powerful to stand up for yourself and your beliefs is vital. Don’t let others speak for you, use your own words to speak for yourself.

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Whether you need a little room to party or just are ready to embrace your own self-expression, there is always some room in the coffee cup. Are you ready to put yourself center stage?