At Home With the Robertsons brings vegan chef Dominick Thompson to the kitchen

Meet With the Robertsons with Vegan Chef Dominick Thompson, photo provided by Facebook Watch
Meet With the Robertsons with Vegan Chef Dominick Thompson, photo provided by Facebook Watch /

On At Home With the Robertsons, Willie and Kori Robertson have used their Facebook Watch show to open a discussion on a variety of topics. With the help of some well-known, celebrity guests, the program has tackled a variety of timely topics in an engaging way. When difficult subjects can be divisive, the Robertsons find a way to find some common ground. On this episode with Dominick Thompson, the table serves as a platform to discuss plant-based food choices.

While reality television allows a glimpse into people’s lives, it can be more than just that view into someone else’s home. Sometimes these programs can offer a spirited conversation into topics that are on everyone’s mind.

With At Home With the Robertsons on Facebook Watch, the show isn’t afraid to tackle sometimes sensitive topics. Although everyone does not have to agree, the hope is to see each other and those beliefs in a way where people can find some common ground. In their Louisiana home, the couple brings their signature style, hospitality and a little adventure in each episode. In the end, it isn’t about convincing the other side that one is more right, it is about having a better understanding of each other.

At Home With the Robertsons and Dominick Thompson step into the kitchen.

On the upcoming episode airing on May 3, Dominick Thompson is welcomed into the kitchen. Known for his “do no harm” philosophy, the vegan chef and influencer has creative ways to encourage others to better understand and potentially apply his concepts into their lives.

While Thompson’s clothing “Crazies and Weirdos” might have phrases that catch attention (like the shirt “Saving Elephants Is So Gangster”), the truth is that those sentiments are more than just a phrase. It opens the door to learning more about the subject and potentially impacting others.

As seen in this exclusive clip, having a dialogue about veganism is the first step to change.

Even though it seems that a family known for Duck Dynasty would have anything in common with a chef and influencer who subscribes to the notion of do no harm, this show proves otherwise. When people take the time to speak and listen, they can find more similarities.

While this episode focuses on transforming the Robertsons’ family burger into a plant-based burger recipe, it is more than just creating a tasty meal. The conversation on the hows, whys and benefits of a plant-based diet deserve that moment around the table.

Given that everyone has a different reason for adopting a plant-based lifestyle, that thoughtfulness is vital. For many people, it is more than just joining a food trend. Whether it is that do no harm empathy or how the food makes them feel, those concepts can help others appreciate why this subject resonates deeply.

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Everyone can continue the conversation with At Home With the Robertsons, Willie and Kori Robertsons, and Dominick Thompson on Facebook Watch. This new episode debuts on May 3.