Lee Brice hits the road with Casey’s and satisfies some food cravings

Casey's and Lee Brice summer partnership, photo provided by Casey's
Casey's and Lee Brice summer partnership, photo provided by Casey's /

As summer heats up, ACM award winner, Lee Brice is excited to take the stage. While his tour will take him across America, Brice knows that his tour bus will make stops at some of the food havens from coast to coast. While those local joints might have a hidden food treasure, he has partnered with Casey’s to offer a special offering that could be the flavor of summer.

Recently, FoodSided had the opportunity to speak with Lee Brice about his partnership with Casey’s, his new Lee Brice Combo, and the opportunity that fans have to bring a special concert to their hometown via the “Summer of Freedom” promotion. While Brice might not be in the local store preparing that Lee Brice combo, the “BBQ chicken sandwich and a medium fountain” is a meal that he thinks captures what Casey’s does best.

As Brice said, people go to Casey’s because the brand does the “twist” on favorites so well. He mentioned that “when people think of Casey’s they go to the famous breakfast pizza.” For him, “it is one of the cool things about Casey’s,” because it is “the food that you cannot get anywhere else.” Since the brand “has their own thing,” many people make that special visit.

For Brice, when he hits the road, food is part of the experience. He shared that he likes “to do a deep dive into the local food culture.” After he gets off the stage, there might be a plate waiting with some of the local favorite foods.

Brice shared the story of a recent stop where he enjoyed a low country boil at a little hole in the wall. Even if the whole town showed up to the restaurant, he wanted to experience that special meal. It is part of the connection that he has with his fans across the nation.

That taste of the local cuisine brings him closer to people. Since everyone seems to be craving live music and seeing their favorite performers back on stage, the analogy is similar to that favorite plate of food. Just like that first bite which is so satisfying, that first note strummed on the guitar will fill people with an overwhelming sense of happiness.

Brice believes that music can create a bond between people. While the stories might not be exactly the same, the truth is that songs “remind them of their own story.” As a musician, he wants to give people that connection, move them in some way. It can be the reason why people go back to a song over and over. Each moment in their life might hold a different meaning but the thread that connects them all is still strong.

The same notion can be applied to a food memory. Whether it is recalling the first time that someone had a Casey’s breakfast pizza or creating new memories over the Lee Brice Combo featuring the BBQ Chicken Sandwich, food is another way that people connect.

The similarities between music and food are greater than what people realize. People might not agree on their favorite music genre or their favorite pizza topping, but everyone can appreciate that good food and good music bring people together.

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Lee Brice and Casey’s have partnered on “Summer of Freedom” sweepstakes. In addition to the Lee Brice Combo, Casey’s is offering a ‘Parking Lot Party’ Pizza Deal. All details on the special food offers as well as the sweepstakes can be found online or via the Casey’s mobile app.