Swilled Dog Sangria, the perfect seasonal cider pairing for outdoor fun

Swilled Dog sangria cider, photo provided by Swilled Dog
Swilled Dog sangria cider, photo provided by Swilled Dog /

From the beach to the backyard, Swilled Dog Sangria might be that canned cocktail that becomes your summer best friend. The newest seasonal cider from the beverage brand takes a different approach to a sangria flavor. It might be time to stock the cooler with a new canned cocktail.

As the “fastest growing craft beverage company in West Virginia,” Swilled Dog focuses on ciders that are made from all-natural ingredients. Brooke Glover, President and Co-Founder, Swilled Dog, said, “Since our founding in 2016, our goal has always been to transform the bounty of West Virginia’s natural ingredients into fun, flavorful and refreshing ciders.”

The brand has a variety of year-round flavors, like Walk the Dog, Pineapple, Wild Berry, Caramel Apple and WV Scrumpy. In addition, it offers some seasonal flavors, like the Swilled Dog Sangria.

Ready to crack a can of Swilled Dog Sangria?

According to the brand, the Swilled Dog Sangria combines “ripe cherries and tart apples with fresh fruit flavors.” While Glover says, “each sip of Swilled Dog Sangria recalls a day at the beach and you can almost feel the sand between your toes.” Whether summer is a day at the beach, lake or even hiking the trail, this beverage captures both enjoying the moment and embracing the outdoor lifestyle.

This cider is perfect for people who like sangria but find that the flavor can be a touch too sweet. The slight tartness adds to the refreshing qualities. One sip leads to another.

While the cider is delightful on its own, it pairs well with a variety of food choices. From popular summer barbecue fare to a light salad, the options are many. Even taking a page out of the typical sangria pairing of tapas or paella is a lovely choice.

Since Swilled Dog Sangria references a beach vibe in its description, pairing this cider with a grilled fish and a pico de gallo is amazing. With the semi-sweetness balancing the spicy notes, it brings out the best flavors of the food and beverage pairing.

With this summer focusing on bringing people back together, Swilled Dog believes in giving back to the community. Per the brand, “at least one percent of annual sales benefit animal causes.” In the past year, the company has supported organizations including “Walking Miracles Family Foundation, Clearwater Maine Aquarium, On Eagles’ Wings, and Military Working Dogs Team Support Association.”

The Swilled Dog Sangria is available in West Virginia, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. With a 6.9% ABV, the 12 oz can is sold in a 6-pack and select locations have it available on tap.

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It is time to enjoy summer and raise a toast to bringing family and friends together. Are you ready to enjoy a Swilled Dog Sangria and life your best life?