Numra Siddiqui brings If These Meals Could Talk to Tastemade, exclusive

If These Meals Could Talk" Starring Chef Numra Siddiqui, photo provided. Tastemade
If These Meals Could Talk" Starring Chef Numra Siddiqui, photo provided. Tastemade /

Many chefs have said previously that food is the universal language. On If These Meals Could Talk, a food TV program on Tastemade, Numra Siddiqui brings women chefs to the table to discuss dishes that have impacted their lives. Whether their dishes are familiar or offer a taste of the unexpected, each episode hopes to inspire a food journey that can last a lifetime.

For many chefs, food is a glimpse into their personality. While many cooks can easily follow a recipe or recreate a dish, a chef starts from scratch and tells a story on the plate. Even if the dish is something that she has made thousands of times, the truth is that each ingredient’s dash is a culmination of life experience.

In the food world, women chefs can struggle to have their voice heard. While some people grew up with grandmother and mom passing down family recipes in home kitchens, the professional kitchen can hold a different story. Even though the kitchen culture is evolving, the reality is that women chefs’ voices deserve their stories to be told.

Numra Siddiqui is the founder and head chef of Empress Market. While her menu has been described as “desi soul food,” her food tells a layered story. Bringing together heritage, hospitality and home, this exploration of food is a journey that many people have embraced.

What can viewers expect on If These Meals Could Talk?

In each episode of If These Meals Could Talk, Siddiqui and her guest chef discuss three meals, “the first dish that they loved, the dish that made them want to become a chef, and their signature dish.” Even if those dishes are similar or are quite different, each one resonates with the chef. Just like the perfect recipe is the sum of its parts, the chefs would not be who they are without each dish.

If These Meals Could Talk" Starring Chef Numra Siddiqui
If These Meals Could Talk” Starring Chef Numra Siddiqui, photo provided. Tastemade /

The guest chefs represent a wide array of culinary styles and stories. Included in the series are Clodagh Mckenna, Georgina Hayden, Yasmin Khan, Anna Haugh, Michelle Trusselle and Mary San Pablo. Each chef represents a different style of food as well shares a glimpse into their personal heritage. Although the group seems quite diverse, the reality is there are more commonalities than viewers will appreciate on first glance.

If These Meals Could Talk premieres on Tastemade’s streaming network both in the U.S. and the UK on Wednesday, May 5th at 7:00 p.m. ET. The program will also be available on demand on the Tastemade+ app.

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What does your food story share about your food experience? What do you think that you will learn from watching this new Tastemade show?