Tim Hortons ensures moms get their sweet treats for Mother’s Day

The former Tim Hortons location is pictured Thursday, Oct. 8, 2020, in St. Cloud.Tim Hortons 2
The former Tim Hortons location is pictured Thursday, Oct. 8, 2020, in St. Cloud.Tim Hortons 2 /

On Mother’s Day, Tim Hortons wants to make sure that mom gets a special treat. Even though mom often gives up that last donut, on this holiday, those sweet bites are all hers. With the Donut Disguise Box, those treats are always within reach.

According to Parents.com, one of the top items that mom wants for Mother’s Day is a day off or time alone. Whether that moment of silence is spent in her favorite chair, on the patio or lingering in bed, the reality is that moms want some “me time.” Shouldn’t that quiet moment come with a sweet treat?

With the Donut Disguise Box, a six-pack of Tim Hortons donuts looks like a book. Since the kids might not be ready to turn a page of a big book, those classic donuts might be safe.

While the titles, Glazed Expectations and Twenty Thousand Timbits Under the Sea are a fun play on words, the real treasure is hidden under the cover. Whether or not this treat comes with some leisurely reading or a beverage pairing is up to the gift giver.

The Donut Disguise Box is available May 8 and May 9. It has a recommended price of $5.49. It is only available at “four select Tim Hortons U.S. locations in the Buffalo, Columbus and Detroit metro areas, while supplies last.” Check with participating locations for availability.

If you don’t have a location that is selling the Donut Disguise Box, don’t fret. Tim Hortons has another Mother’s Day sweet treat. The Mother’s Day DIY Donut Kit returns again this year.

In this year’s donut kit, there are “six bloom yeast donuts and four containers with fondant and sprinkles.” Available from May 5 through May 9, the DIY Donut Kit has a suggested retail price of $6.99.

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This Mother’s Day show mom that she is the sweetest part of your life. Start her day with some Tim Hortons treats and let her live her best life.