Rick Martinez shares some insight on the evolution of Mexican cuisine

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While many foodies know Rick Martinez as a food expert and a strong voice to convey the nuances of Mexican cuisine, he joins Corona to Cinco for Good this year. From his recipes to his videos, Martinez’s knowledge of Mexican food and culture comes across in an approachable way. By showcasing food that tells a story not just on the plate, but beyond the table, Martinez welcomes people who yearn to experience more.

Recently, Rick Martinez partnered with Corona on the program Cinco For Good. Around Cinco de Mayo, the celebrated food personality and Corona shared ideas, celebrations and encouragement to the restaurant industry. After a year that saw many local restaurants with empty tables, enjoying a meal on May 5 was one way to bolster a community in need.

Ahead of the event, Rick Martinez graciously took some time to chat about this program as well as his thoughts on Mexican cuisine. While some people might have preconceived notions about only one type of taco, the truth is that variations of flavors and ingredients are what make this food style so delicious.

Martinez said, “we’re living in a time where there are a lot of Mexican immigrants in the United States that have come to the U.S. (and) have opened up restaurants and they’re making the cuisine of where were they came from but using local ingredients to whatever area they’re in.” In a simple, yet profound way, he captures the current climate of Mexican cuisine.

That nuanced concept evolves the cuisine. Although the ingredients may vary, the heart of the dish remains intact. In some ways, the resourcefulness of the style of cooking is even more beneficial. Just because one ingredient might not be available doesn’t mean that the recipe is lost forever. The ability of a cuisine to adapt ensures that it stays prevalent in people’s minds.

In some ways, Martinez equates this idea to a “new style of cuisine.” That “fusion of two cultures” can be exciting. He said, bringing together “local ingredients to the US with traditional Mexican techniques” is a wonderful way to “celebrate the diversity of Mexican food.”

With all types of cuisines emerging in the past year, more people are willing to try something new, see the similarities and explore what food has to offer. It might not be the traditional dish that grandma made, but it could be the dish that sparks a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Many local restaurants are adapting those concepts. Whether it is a recipe passed down from generations or a new formulation, that local restaurant serves a memorable plate every time. It is one of the reasons why these restaurants need to stay open.

If you want to join Rick Martinez and Corona during a conversation for Cinco for Food, visit their social media accounts for more ways to help local restaurants.

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What food trends or fusion of flavors do you think will ignite a passion about Mexican cuisine?