Bon V!V Raspberry Dragonfruit Hard Seltzer makes its own rules

Bon V!V raspberry dragonfruit hard seltzer, photo provided by Bon V!V
Bon V!V raspberry dragonfruit hard seltzer, photo provided by Bon V!V /

Sometimes the rules are meant to be broken and Bon V!V Raspberry Dragonfruit Hard Seltzer is the new flavor that sets a tone for summer. After one sip, the flavor combination sets a new path. It isn’t about following the crowd, but it does make you want to join the journey.

Within the hard seltzer category, it can be hard to stand out. While fruit flavors tend to make the beverage approachable, many drinkers are craving more. At the same time, drinkers do not want to stray too far toward the unfamiliar. It isn’t about the shock value of an ingredient. Instead, that sense of intrigue needs to come through on the first sip and stay till the last drop.

As the Bon V!V Creative Advisor, Priyanka Chopra Jonas has brought her unique flare to the collaboration. From her specialty cocktails to her sense of style, the collaboration is more than just a name on a can. It is about creating mood that goes from cocktail hour to any hour.

What is Bon V!V Raspberry Dragonfruit the flavor of the summer?

Inspired by the flavor combination of her youth, Chopra Jonas had a direct hand in creating this special hard seltzer flavor. While the brand tags this creation as “out with the old and in with the bold” that statement only captures a touch of what the new flavor offers. As summer is about to begin, it might the flavor and beverage that everyone needs as they leave the couch behind.

While many people appreciate the tart, yet sweet flavor of a raspberry, sometimes it can be a little pedestrian. It is a known quality, but it needs another flavor to boost the excitement. While familiar can be comforting, many times there is a yearning for more.

Dragonfruit is often the fruit that people might be unsure how to prepare, eat or what it is. The brightly colored, unusual shape has that intrigue. After cutting it open and revealing the inside, it lends itself to more curiosity. Will it be sweet, tart or something in between?

Since dragonfruit has a mild flavor, some would say almost like a kiwi, it blends well with other fruits, especially berries. For Chopra Jonas, dragonfruit and raspberry are a favorite flavor combination of her youth. Now, more people are appreciating the fruit duo.

For the Bon V!V Raspberry Dragonfruit Hard Seltzer, there a hint of sweet, a touch tart and quite refreshing. As Chopra Jonas shared on Instagram, she believes that this hard seltzer is perfect for summer. On a warm day, the flavors are delightfully refreshing.

The new Bon V!V Raspberry Dragonfruit Hard Seltzer is currently available in California and a larger nationwide release is coming soon.

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Are you excited to try this new hard seltzer flavor? Do you think that it will be the flavor of the summer?