Shake Shack’s newest Now Serving collaboration is a game changer

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While Shake Shack always serves mouth watering food, the Now Serving collaboration showcases culinary talent while helping a worthy cause. Although these limited time menu offerings may not be enjoyed by everyone, the truth is that the special menu item pushing the culinary conversation forward.

On May 6, at the Madison Square Park Shake Shack location, the menu will feature the Atoburger. While that name may not be instantly recognizable to foodies outside of New York City, some people will appreciate the reference. Created by celebrated chef Junghyun “JP” Park and the team at Atoboy, the shrimp burger showcases how a burger can be the vehicle for culinary creativity.

According to Mark Rosati, Culinary Director of Shake Shack, “I met Chef JP about four years ago at a Shake Shack event in Madison Square Park, where at the time he was just about to open Atoboy a few blocks away. I visited soon after and was completely blown away by his incredible food, hospitality and style – the first of many visits to come.”

The Atoburger is described as a shrimp burger, topped with the Atoboy signature “fermented pepper sauce.” The burger is topped “crispy hash brown, Atoboy’s Grenada pepper sauce, shaved red onions and butter lettuce, stacked on a toasted potato bun.” In some ways, these ingredients and flavor combinations channel the popularity of shrimp burgers in Korean cuisine.

While the Shake Shack menu continues to evolve, this special offering is only the second time that a seafood burger has been featured. Although this offering is a one-day, limited time event, it begs the question whether the restaurant brand should add a seafood burger to its menu. While it has featured Korean flavors and other food trends, the seafood option might be well appreciated by guests.

Similar to other Now Serving collaborations, this special menu item benefits charity. According to Shake Shack, the Atoburger will benefit “Heart of Dinner, a non-profit that supports Asian restaurants in an effort to combat food insecurity and isolation within New York City’s elderly Asian American community.”

The Atoburger will be sold for $7.49. Available only on May 6, it can be purchased in-store or via pick-up through the Shake Shack website.

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Have you tried one of the Now Serving Shake Shack collaborations? Do you think that the restaurant brand should add a seafood burger to the menu?