IHOP accepts Adam Sandler’s challenge with Milkshake Monday

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Sometimes that IHOP calling is too much to resist, and it draws large crowds to enjoy that short stack or even that new bacon menu. Adam Sandler learned this scenario during a recent visit. But were the pancakes really what he craved? Are the IHOP milkshakes the ultimate menu item? Are you ready for Milkshake Monday?

As seen on social media, there has been a lot of talk about Adam Sandler and IHOP. While the popular actor, comedian and filmmaker did not use his clout to bump someone from a table, he did issue a challenge to the restaurant brand.

According to Kieran Donahue, CMO, IHOP, “We take our guests’ suggestions very seriously in an effort to continually shake things up and satisfy all palettes with our signature commitment to IHOSPITALITY.” While the restaurant brand has welcomed “famous and familiar” under the blue roof for “more than 62 years,” the reality is that sometimes the brand needs to adapt.

In Sandler’s tweet, he said “For the record, I only left IHOP because the nice woman told me the all-you-can-eat deal didn’t apply to milkshakes.” Which lead the brand to respond in the best way possible. Are you craving a milkshake now?

Where can you get Milkshake Monday at IHOP?

On May 10, IHOP is declaring Milkshake Monday. For one day only, milkshakes will be all you can eat (drink) at 19 IHOP locations in Long Island, New York. The special menu offering will be available from 12:00 p.m. till 8 p.m. EST.

The special offer is a great excuse to enjoy that house-made milkshake. Available in four flavors, the milkshakes feature “hand-scooped, premium ice cream, vanilla, real milk and whipped topping.” Just thinking about that sweet treat could make your stomach grumble for one.

While the special event does have a little humor attached to it, there is a bigger story behind the special promotion. Milkshake Monday will raise funds for Comedy Gives Back.

At all IHOP locations nationwide, every milkshake sold will trigger a $1 donation to Comedy Gives Back. (up to $50,000 will be donated to the organization) As Amber J. Lawson, CEO Comedy Gives Back said, “A delicious meal of pancakes and milkshakes can make you happy any time of day, and while we could all use a laugh right about now, some could use a lot more.”

Like many people over the past year, comedians have struggled as venues remained closed. With Comedy Gives Back, the organization is “the nonprofit safety net of the comedy community that helps struggling comedians who have lost all income due to COVID-19 forced closures of comedy clubs and venues.”

On May 10, Monday isn’t meatless or in need of motivation. This Monday is Milkshake Monday and it is the perfect reason to head to IHOP and enjoy a milkshake for a good cause.

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What food would you want on an all-you-can menu? Is some food more suited for this type of menu?