Domaine Javier returns to Worst Cooks for redemption and for the fans

Contestant Domaine Javier, as seen on Worst Cooks In America, Season 22. Photo provided by Food Network
Contestant Domaine Javier, as seen on Worst Cooks In America, Season 22. Photo provided by Food Network /

While she might be queen of the kitchen, Domaine Javier has unfinished business in the Worst Cooks in America bootcamp. Joining other returning recruits, the new season features chefs Anne Burrell and Michael Symon. Although her cooking skills might need to be polished, her cooking crown is ready to sparkle again.

During a recent conversation with Domaine, she spoke candidly about her latest experience and why this return to Worst Cooks means so much to her. It really comes down to her connection with the fans.

Domaine said, “I feel like I owe them something for all the love and support they’ve graciously given me thus far. The fanarts, the online comments on forums and message boards, the social media frenzy, the heartwarming in-person encounters — all the overwhelmingly positive reactions from my Food Network endeavors (Worst Cooks in America Season 20, Dirty Dishes, and now Best of the Worst) have been a source of inimitable strength and gratitude, motivating me to do more for the fans. So here I am, now a bonafide Food Network Star (of some sort), all because of them. For as long as the fans and Food Network want more of me, I’ll do my best to deliver.”

While the fans were part of the decision, it wasn’t the only factor. In many ways, redemption played a role.

Speaking of redemption, Domaine shared “Not everyone gets a second chance to redeem themselves. Second chances are for the people you believe in — for people with something to prove. Second chances give people the opportunity to make it better and show them their worth. If you’re lucky, second chances can sometimes work out better than the first time. I have so much more to learn in the kitchen department and I’m glad to have been given the opportunity to learn from my previous culinary mistakes and continue the learning process.”

Even though this second chance is a big opportunity, it doesn’t mean that Domaine didn’t learn from her previous time in bootcamp.

Domaine said, “I surprisingly retained quite a few culinary skills from my previous appearance, but mostly, I am weirdly obsessed with slicing and dicing onions now. Before, I hated it. I used to even wear a face shield (yes, I am a trailblazer on that department and I was wearing it before everyone did and everybody acknowledges that) when chopping onions to prevent ruining my makeup. Now, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Give me a knife and an onion and I’ll show you no mercy.”

Although in Worst Cooks in America Season 22, Domaine is part of Michael Symon’s team, her bond with Anne Burrell was part of the reasons why many people watched. In some ways, that connection is still strong.

Domaine commented, “Chef Anne is like one of those instructors in high school who say that they will fail you if you continue to submit late and incomplete assignments, but actually appreciates you submitting assignments alone and gives you a passing grade anyways. She has a hidden compassion inside of her that no matter how hard she disguises it with the cutthroat attitude, comes out and shines. That’s why I am so ecstatic to see Chef Michael Symon in the boot camp this time around. I think their teaching personalities complement each other very well. I can’t wait for everyone to see how Chef Michael shines as a mentor too! The guy’s a natural!”

Since she is building on her previous experience, everyone is expecting some super creative dishes from her. No one should ever expect a dull plate of food from her station.

Specifically, Domaine believes that “Creativity dwells deep down inside of me. I always feel an inner yearning to do something unique and beautiful. But the simple fact is that everyone IS creative, some people are just more expressive like me. I am thrilled with all the new concepts I can learn this time around, and possibly elevate it further (or screw it up) with my level of creativity.”

While this past year has seen many people discover the kitchen, cooking and baking, Domaine skipped the baking brigade.

For her, “Baking is a whole different ballgame from cooking. Cooking is more of a free-form art and is open to personal interpretation and improvisation — asking for things such as “a pinch of salt,” “a drizzle of olive oil,” or “leave unattended until your sister finishes the cooking for you.” Baking, is rigidly precise. Everything has to be exact and accurate. So no, I did not jump on the “baking bread” bandwagon. I stuck with the “ordering food delivery and pigging out while watching reruns of Charmed” bandwagon.”

While fans will have to wait and see who is the eventual winner of Worst Cooks in America Season 22, everyone will know that Domaine Javier will do her best to keep that sparkle in her crown.

Domaine shared, “In the core of everything I do, there’s always that aspect of promoting visibility, inclusion, diversity, and representation. We know how powerful media is in terms of unlocking possibilities and making the audience feel the love and acceptance they deserve. Food Network has considerately given me a platform. I am hoping that I get to continue the work that I’ve done so far and emphasize the ongoing need for these virtues to be championed.”

And of course, the prize big prize at the end isn’t too shabby either.

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Worst Cooks in America Season 22 airs on Food Network Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST. Additionally, episodes can be streamed on Discovery+.