Josh Cellars Prosecco Rosé entices fans with its effervescence

(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for 2019 Nantucket Film Festival )
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for 2019 Nantucket Film Festival ) /

Expanding its portfolio, the Josh Cellars Prosecco Rosé could become a favorite in the wine fridge. While the brand has eleven varietals and a variety of premium Reserve collection offerings, this prosecco rose changes the conversation for its sparkling wine. Do you need to have a special reason to open a bottle?

As a brand that started with a passion for wine has grown from just a cabernet sauvignon to a robust collection of wines. While each wine has balance, the reality is that there is a little intrigue to be revealed behind the cork.

While these wines have become many people’s preferred libation, the reality is that the brand is never stagnant. It looks ahead to the next trend and how it can adapt its philosophy to that offering.

The prosecco market is seeing an uptick in popularity. With its slightly sweet, fruit forward aromatics, the sparkling wine is quite approachable.

Since prosecco is less carbonated that a classic champagne, this sparkling wine is more easily paired with food. Depending on the particular flavor profiles, the options can be many.

Opening bottle of Josh Cellars Prosecco Rosé lends itself to creative food pairings. Since the sparkling wine has a wild berry and blackberry notes, it can balance a variety of dishes. The fruit forward flavors are perfect for heartier brunch dishes, like an Eggs Benedict as well as a robust hash.

A more interest pairing for warmer weather is how the Josh Cellars Prosecco Rosé pairs with seafood. While salmon is a delightful option, a shrimp pad thai showcases the sparkling wine’s versatile. From a simple grilled fish to even a cioppino, there are plenty of dishes to enjoy with this beverage.

The Josh Cellars Prosecco Rosé is available at retailers now. For prosecco fans, this wine should always be in the wine refrigerator. From just a relaxing afternoon to a special dinner, a pop of the cork will bring smiles all around.

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What is your favorite sparkling wine? Do you have a particular food and beverage pairing that you love?