Mindy Kaling shares why Propel Immune Support is always within reach

Mindy Kaling partners with Propel Immunity Support, photo provided by Propel
Mindy Kaling partners with Propel Immunity Support, photo provided by Propel /

Mindy Kaling always delivers a witty line, relatable character, and rich storytelling. Propel Immune Support contains functional ingredients that can help support a busy, active lifestyle. While Kaling’s career is flourishing, the busy mom appreciates that sometimes she needs to schedule herself onto the calendar. From those early morning workouts to staying hydrated, it is important to make sure that good choices are always within reach.

Recently, Kaling took on the role as the new face for Propel Immune Support. While many people have come to stock the pantry with traditional Propel water, this branch of the hydration line-up is more than just flavorful water. Boosted with Vitamin C and Zinc, those ingredients are intended to “help support a healthy immune system.” While still delivering a zesty fruit forward flavor, the fitness water turns water drinking from bland and boring to exciting and purposeful.

As part of the collaboration launch, Kaling graciously took time out of her day to talk about Propel Immune Support and her quest to carve out a little time for fitness in her busy day.

Why does Mindy Kaling grab Propel Immune Support?

In some ways, Kaling’s sentiments on drinking water sound similar to many other people. She shared that drinking water seems like “the most boring assignment.” Even though she has friends who have that big gallon jug with all the lines, the truth is that sometimes drinking water is off the to-do list.

As she commented, “everyone is busy” and “drinking water can be boring.” Even though many people appreciate the importance of good hydration, it needs to be served with a side of convenience.

For Kaling, her workout routine can assist in encouraging her to grab that water. She mentioned that after a morning run, it is easy to grab a Propel Immune Support Orange Raspberry flavor. Since she needed to quench that thirst after her run, it was an obvious choice. It was less of a chore and more of a want. Between the refreshing flavors and the convenience, it was an obvious choice.

Like many busy moms, Kaling appreciates that sometimes she needs to carve out that time for herself. While she admitted that life before kids might have been filled with leisurely weekend mornings texting friends, scrolling on the phone or otherwise enjoying a break from shooting, her current role is different. Now kids change that anytime wake-up call to getting up with the sun.

Given that her days are filled, Kaling shared that sometimes she will get up before her kids wake to fit in that run or other exercise. She might not always enjoy working out in the dark, but life is different these days. As she shared, she might have been “queen of Adult Swim” and going to bed at 1:30 A.M, but that routine doesn’t work anymore. Now, she heads to bed earlier so she can get those good endorphins going from the morning workout.

At the same time, she isn’t about rigidity and absolute perfect. As she shared, there are mornings when the workout gets passed over for a little more rest and relaxation. For her it is about the balance. Kaling admitted, sometimes she jokes that “what I am Mark Walhberg” when she contemplates that 4:30 A.M. workout session but she isn’t hard on herself. Life is about balance.

As a busy mom myself, her honesty is refreshing. Moms often pile on the guilt for all the don’ts during the day instead of allowing a little slack. The goal shouldn’t be about obtaining the perfect, instead it is the path to improvement.

In many ways, the Propel Immune Support helps with that life balance. As Kaling shared, it is about being able to “shut my brain off.” From having some Propel stocked in her mini fridge to having a bottle in the car, a convenient functional beverage has become her go-to option.

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And, if you need some viewing enjoyment to enhance that drinking experience, don’t forget to watch Kaling’s series on Netflix, Never Have I Ever. Season 2 returns to Netflix this July.

Propel Immune Support is a functional beverage enhanced with Vitamin C and Zinc. The zero sugar beverage comes in two fruit flavors, Orange Raspberry and Lemon Blackberry. The beverage goals are to support an active lifestyle while supporting hydration and health.

How do you include hydration goals into your busy schedule?