M&M’S returns to its roots with its Mall of America store

New M&M'S Store Opens at Mall of America, photo provided by M&M's
New M&M'S Store Opens at Mall of America, photo provided by M&M's /

The doors are open on the new M&M’S experience at the Mall of America store. Following the highly successful Disney Springs store opening in Orlando, Florida, the new experience looks to embrace the Land of 1,000 Lakes and its culture. What can fans expect when they walk through those doors?

M&M’S is more than just a colorful candy shell covered candy. In many ways, the candy is part of the pop culture collective. While each color has its own personality, fans often relate to the characters as much as the particular flavors.

With the new vitalized M&M’S Mall of America store, the brand looks to foster a strong connection with its loyal fans. It is more than just enjoying a sweet treat. It is about incorporating that candy into big and small moments that make life complete.

Did you know that M&M’S was originally located in Minnesota before moving to Chicago?

Patrick McIntyre, Director of Global Retail at Mars Retail Group said, “M&M’S aims to inspire fans to find ways to connect with each other, all while creating better moments and more smiles.” As many people have learned to appreciate in the past year, keeping connections strong is vital to a fulfilling life.

Additionally, McIntyre said, “The new M&M’S Mall of America store champions the fun ways fans can connect with others – and you truly see this come together in the immersive experiences only the M&M’S Mall of America store offers.”

How does the M&M’S Mall of America store reflect its location?

Putting aside the winter months, Minnesota embraces its outdoor adventures and its connection to nature. Even when the ice covers all those lakes, the pristine environment is a symbol of the area. The revamped store reflects that Minnesota culture. From the immersive experiences to the special merchandise, that connection is clear.

As Jill Renslow, EVP of Business Development for Mall of America. “M&M’S creative new experience opening at Mall of America is embracing Minnesota in an entirely unique way. Our millions of guests are certain to leave with a smile on their face.”

One unique experience at this location is the M&M’S Peanut Peak. The rooftop location is inspired by the local landscape. While some guests might want to indulge on a sweet treat after reaching the summit, the truth is that the effort is worth that view.

Other special experiences include transforming into one of the six characters via the M&M’S Mirror. Whether you are lovable like Yellow or a little snarky like Red, the stepping into those characters allows people’s personalities to shine.

And, if guests prefer, the M&M’S Sweet Moves gives everyone an opportunity to put on their own little show. Self-expression can bring sweet rewards.

The M&M’S Mall of America Store is located Level 1, East near the Rotunda of Mall of America. In addition, everyone can take a virtual tour via brand’s website.

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Do you pick your favorite candy by flavor or color? Have you been to the new Mall of America store yet?