Peter Som uses the creative process to inspire others, interview

Peter Som for Pinterest, photo provided by Pinterest
Peter Som for Pinterest, photo provided by Pinterest /

While his fashion designs have enamored women of all ages, Peter Som has a nuanced philosophy to his creativity. As he explores his creativity through food and expresses those captured moments on Pinterest, the content creator does more than just tell his story. By “creating something out of nothing,” Som inspires others to join the process.

In the social media world. Pinterest has long been its own unique platform. While the various boards and accounts engage fellow users, the focus on a positive, almost uplifting environment, has been a guiding force. As seen with its new Creator Code, that focus on an affirmative community looks to protect the creative process and its creators.

Peter Som is one of those content creators that has flourished within the Pinterest platform. While the fashion designer has turned to food for another form of expression, the truth is that those photos of stunning recipes and explanation of the cooking process are more than just a feast for the eyes. The hope is that his personal journey can encourage others to step into the kitchen.

Peter Som believes “creativity is fluid.”

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Som and discuss why the Pinterest community is a supportive outlet for his creativity. Som reflected that he believes “creativity is fluid.” For him, “it is not a math equation” that brings people “from point a to point b.” In many ways, it “is about meandering through a journey.” Whether a person goes “around the cul-de-sac and turns around” or another type wandering, it is about the exploration. It is about “the journey to find.”

In some ways, that journey through food kept him grounded within his other artistic endeavors. Som shared that he always cooked with his mother and grandmother, and cooking helped him “to center myself.” Since food, clothing and shelter are “the three basic necessities in life,” he has found ways for them all to stay interconnected.

Although Som admitted that the techniques of food, clothing and shelter are very different, each one has a creative process behind it. In some ways, he feels that Pinterest can help open the doors to users and let them explore that process. Whether it is appreciating a recipe or learning a new skill, the ability to see and apply those concepts is important.

Som shared that he wants his recipes to become almost like old friends or a favorite piece of fashion in a person’s wardrobe. Som said, “I want someone to buy a dress of mine and wear it over and over and over again and love it. So it’s the same way with a recipe. I want them to be able to make that recipe and go back to it and keep it on repeat.”

Whether recipe is a simple weeknight meal that can be made in 20 minutes or less or an elegant affair for a special occasion, the dish needs to resonate with people. Som believes that Pinterest and its platform allows the culinary adventure to be “tailored to who you are and what you want to make, what you want to create.”

Even if the stunning pictures make users hungry with anticipation of that delicious meal, the reality is that the goal of Som and his use of the platform is leave users walking away feeling good and leaving a positive impact in a real way.

As Som shared, he believes that more people should consider how the platform relates to their real life. While he might have felt as if he was channeling Mr. Rogers, the sentiment of treat others how you want to be treated may need to guide more people’s actions. Whether his accounts encourage others to get into the kitchen, pique their interest to learn more about a particular food or just elicit a smile for a small moment in time, the reality is that this platform should leave others feeling a touch more uplifted.

If you are looking for a simple recipe, a visually stunning dish or just a moment of diversion from that busy schedule, scrolling through Peter Som boards might be the light to an otherwise shadowed day. Even if you do not Instacart that ingredient list for tonight dinner that action is not the thrust of the conversation. The reality is that small moments of happy can have a bigger ripple effect, but you have to be open to the creative expression.

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How do you use Pinterest? Has it been part of your creative journey?