Alice’s Wonderland Bakery set to bring magic and mischief to Disney Junior

Alice's Wonderland Bakery series, photo provided by Disney
Alice's Wonderland Bakery series, photo provided by Disney /

Disney always brings magical moments and the new Alice’s Wonderland Bakery series is slated to join Disney Junior in 2022. Building off the iconic “Alice in Wonderland” fantasy world, this Alice is the great-granddaughter of her namesake. Through the animated series, the young baker introduces viewers to the Wonderland Bakery and all the treats that it offers.

For many people, Alice in Wonderland has been that story that transcends generations. While children see one aspect of the mischievous world, the story reveals more as people get older. No matter the age, those characters resonate.

With this Alice character, a new world is open to another group of viewers. From the person who is just learning about “Wonderland” to another one watching because of the connection to baking, this new series looks to engage with viewers.

Joe D’Ambrosia, senior vice president, Original Programming, and general manager, Disney Junior, said “Inspired by the sense of connection that food brings about—and recipes filled with enchantment and heart—the series will showcase whimsical stories with relatable themes for our Disney Junior audience.”

Based on that statement, it will be interesting to see how families use this show to interact within the kitchen and potentially explore food. While the announcement does not state this information, it might be likely that families would like to take the sweet treats that Alice makes off the screen and into real life.

How can you watch Alice’s Wonderland Bakery?

While Alice’s Wonderland Bakery will not air until 2022, a few details on the upcoming show have been revealed. Alice is joined by her friends, “Fergie, a white rabbit; Hattie, her madcap friend; and Rosa, the Princess of Hearts.” The group looks to have recipe adventures within Wonderland.

One of the purposes of the show is to “celebrate the culture and creativity of food.” In the past year, many people have learned to appreciate that food can be a means of expression. Sharing this lesson at a young age is important.

Food seems to be a new topic for the Disney channel, specifically its younger audiences. Recently, the Disney Channel shared the new show, “Disney’s Magic Bake-Off,” which will feature teams recreating Disney themed desserts.

Alice’s Wonderland Bakery is intended for audiences ages two through seven years old. Each episode has two, 11-minute stories. For more details and upcoming premiere dates, please check with Disney Junior.

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What do you think of this new Disney Junior show? Do you think that it could inspire another generation to explore food and baking?