Pepsi is ready to shine a light on an optimistic tomorrow

Pepsi new creative The Mess We Miss, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi new creative The Mess We Miss, photo provided by Pepsi /

While some people might scoff at a Pollyanna attitude, the reality is that Pepsi, like many people across the U.S. are longing for those days where people just lived in the moment, After a year of distance, separation and concern, people long for those happy moments. Whether this past year has year has been the hard knock life or just making it through another monotonous day, the reality is that a little mess might be a good thing.

In the newest Pepsi creative, the brand celebrates the concept “The Mess We Miss.” Set to the infamous Annie song, “Tomorrow,” the scenes show many moments that people might have taken for granted.

Who hasn’t shared a soda with a friend, enjoyed that endless buffet or just stood arm to arm with others at an event? While the past year has had people looking at those events differently, the reality is those simple moments will comeback in some form.

Todd Kaplan, VP of Marketing – Pepsi, said “Looking back at life before the pandemic, it’s easy to feel nostalgic remembering social occasions that brought together family and friends like sporting events, weddings, and concerts. Even though now those moments might look a bit messy, this familiar past also represents an optimistic future we can all hope to achieve as we look to get to the other side,”

Check out the Pepsi creative, “The Mess We Miss.”

As Kaplan used the term “unapologetic enjoyment,” the reality is that there are many people who yearn for that day when the beverages can be passed down the aisle at a ball game. Sure, there might be the errant pass where someone accidentally spilled a little on your shoe because of an epic play. In the end, the spill didn’t matter because everyone was smiling and having a great time.

Even if the Annie song gets stuck in your head for hours after watching the commercial, that ear worm is just as important as the images on the screen. Life is never perfect and sometimes the mess celebrates a life well lived. Whether the world embraces a new normal, aspects that people long for or some combination of both, the reality is that people need and want connection. In many ways, the concept is about progress, not perfection.

For now, sharing that Pepsi with a friend might not come with two straws in a can, but it does come with a sip of hope and maybe a little side of mess. After all, sometimes the most memorable moments are the ones that leave a lasting impression on that favorite outfit.

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What do you think of this Pepsi campaign? Are you longing for the return to that mess?