Black Forest and Kelly Rowland want to preserve the tranquility of nature

Kelly Rolland for Black Forest, photo provided by Black Forest
Kelly Rolland for Black Forest, photo provided by Black Forest /

For some people, enjoying a handful of Black Forest candy can be their moment to unwind. From a break in the day to just enjoying a simple pleasure, the reality is that sometimes the little joys in life need to be celebrated.

As a brand that was inspired by real forests, Black Forest appreciates that nature, specifically the forests, need to be not only preserved but also nurtured. Standing tall with their mission to “Real Good requires Real Action,” the brand has partnered with Kelly Rowland to spread its commitment to the National Forest Foundation.

With an ambitious goal to “plant 10 million trees by 2030,” Black Forest appreciates that replanting forests across America is beneficial not only for the trees but also for everyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. The connection between people and nature has become even more important over the last year.

As Kelly Rowland shared, “I’ve always enjoyed the tranquility of being able to escape into nature and the great outdoors. That’s one of the reasons I’m such a big supporter of Black Forest’s ambition to plant 10 million trees by 2030.”

“Each tree we plant is another step toward a healthier and more vibrant environment for bears, humans and the rest of planet earth,” said Kate Adams, Senior Brand Marketing Director of Black Forest at Ferrara. Now more than ever, people appreciate how nature impacts each facet of their lives. By supporting the forests, everyone and everything can flourish.

How can you help Black Forest and its commitment to the forests?

In honor of Love a Tree Day, Black Forest is encouraging everyone to share their love of trees. From May 16 through May 26, the brand would love to see people capture a photo of themselves with a tree. While 10 people will have “100 treats (planted) in their name in a National Forest,” there is more to the story.

By tagging the brand and select hashtags, the company hopes that the post will spark a bigger conversation. As Mary Mitsos, National Forest Foundation President & CEO said, “Black Forest understands the value of public lands and shares the important belief that our National Forests are key to the well-being of our communities.”

While the concept of “hug a tree” might be a little cheesy, these photos serve as a reminder to look more closely at what people can do as individuals. Many people can recall that old school saying about not seeing the forest through the trees, but the reality is that everyone can do their part. Maybe the visuals of trees big and small will stand as a reminder to be more kind to the people and the environment that is all around.

As Black Forest commits to “plant 10 million trees by 2030,” the company cannot stand alone with this effort. Hopefully, their commitment is an example to consumers that positive change is not just an isolated event. Just like the seed that needs support to flourish, a stronger ecosystem requires everyone to join in the efforts.

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How will you help the trees in your area? Are you ready to commit to make a difference?