Kinder Joy toys come to life thanks to Applaydu app

Kinder Joy Applaydu, photo provided by Kinder Joy
Kinder Joy Applaydu, photo provided by Kinder Joy /

Sometimes a sweet treat can make people feel a little playful and Kinder Joy has always brought smiles that to the Treat + Toy combination. From the moment that the classic candy opens to reveal its two sides, the adventure begins. Now with the help of Applaydu, the mobile app, those little toys have a whole new life beyond the egg.

On occasion, parents say that it is ok to play with food. Usually, that playfulness occurs around candy. Even parents can get behind the lighthearted feelings when a sweet treat is on the table. It is time to leave the seriousness behind and have a little fun.

Kinder Joy has always celebrated the play with its brand. From putting together that little toy to controlling how you each the crispy wafter bite sitting in that cocoa cream, there a little choose your own adventure waiting in that little egg.

With the Applaydu, that Kinder Joy egg comes to live in an augmented reality world. By scanning the QR code on each egg, a whole new world opens to the users. The app looks to spark both discovery and imagination.

The Applaydu app including a variety of activities. From mini-games to stories to even customizable avatars, this energetic virtual world reveals many forms of entertainment. Plus, parental controls help to keep on top of a child’s activities.

In addition to the new app, the Kinder Joy YouTube Channel offers “Go Wild Safari.” The 16-episode series looks to engage children and families by sharing interesting animal facts. Although these adventures happen through the comfort of a screen, the episodes could be an opportunity to continue the story after the show.

Finding ways to engage with children and families is important. By using a favorite candy to start a conversation, kids may be more willing to step into a new topic.

For more information on the Applaydu app, please visit either the App Store or Google Play. Kinder Joy with the QR code is available on now.

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Do you use food to foster a conversation with your family? Can a candy be more than just a sweet treat?