Maryland Omelet recipe races for the win on a Preakness Stakes menu

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Want to learn how to make the Maryland Omelet recipe at home? As the second leg of the Triple Crown, it is time to think about the Preakness Stakes menu. This Maryland staple from Miss Shirley’s Café is a must try.

While many of the Preakness Stakes food traditions involve crab, the nod to Maryland food is more than just a bucket of fresh crabs. Seafood usually takes center stage, but there are many ways that those ingredients can be enjoyed on the plate.

From fresh oysters to that iconic seafood seasoning, the flavors bring people back time and again. While that Smith Island Cake might be waiting for dessert, the main dishes usually are the star of the event.

What is a Maryland Omelet?

One iconic Maryland dish comes from Miss Shirley’s Café. While people come from near and far to enjoy this iconic dish, Visit Baltimore has graciously shared the recipe so that many people can make this dish for the ultimate Preakness Stakes menu.

Although more appropriate for a brunch, the Maryland Omelet recipe will have people asking for not just seconds, but maybe for thirds and more.

Here is Miss Shirley’s Café’s Maryland Omelet recipe.


  • 1 slice Swiss cheese
  • 2 ounces Diced Tomato
  • 2 ounces Jumbo Lump Crab Meat
  • 6 fluid ounces Omelet Egg Mix
  • 1 ea Side of Choice (MS Grits or Shredded Potato & Onion Hash Side)
  • 1 ea Everything But The Bagel Biscuit


  • Coat hot omelet pan lightly in sauté oil blend, add crab meat and diced tomatoes, ladle in eggs, place one slide of Swiss cheese on top and place omelet pan in oven to finish cooking through, remove from oven and flip, cook until cooked through, fold omelet and place on omelet to plate, add choice of side and everything biscuit to plate, sprinkle omelet with Old Bay and parsley, serve and enjoy!

The dish is not complete without a little Old Bay. That flavor drives home the seaside flavor. Even if you prefer less cheese or skip the side dish, this omelet will be the star of any brunch.

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What are you making for your Preakness Stakes menu? Do you have any favorite Maryland dishes?