DQ Sweetest Season Pass is the must have for Blizzard fans

DQ Sweetest Season Pass, photo provided by Dairy Queen
DQ Sweetest Season Pass, photo provided by Dairy Queen /

Have you indulged in the Summer Blizzard Treat Menu? The DQ Sweetest Season Pass will be a few lucky fans’ ultimate prize. While that iconic Blizzard always tastes like happy, the reality is that summer fun is just tastier with extra treats. How can you get the DQ Sweetest Season Pass?

While DQ always has delicious summer Blizzards, the all-new, for the first time ever, DQ Sweetest Season Pass will give dessert lovers red spoon envy. But, only a few people will be able to enjoy this special treat.

According to the company, the DQ Sweetest Season Pass the contest runs from May 18 through May 24. All the entry details will be available on both Twitter and Facebook. There will be 20 randomly selected winners. In addition, Dairy Queen will donate “$5,000 Sweetest Season Pass to Children’s Miracle Network.”

As part of the contest, each entrant needs to comment on her favorite Summer Blizzard Treat Menu item. While this contest is about fun, it could spark a huge debate on the best summer flavor. From the Frosted Animal Cookie to the Brownie Batter, it can be hard to pick just one favorite.

But, many people have been raving about the Girl Scout Thin Mints Blizzard. While the iconic Girl Scout cookie has had many people stashing a few boxes in the back of the freezer for years, this DQ Blizzard exclusive has had many people heading to Dairy Queen over and over. There is nothing better than that classic soft serve and those Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie pieces.

Whether you have a favorite flavor from the Summer Blizzard Treat Menu or prefer to sample them all, being one of the lucky DQ Sweetest Season Pass holder might be the ultimate reward for the food lover this summer.

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What do you think of this food season pass idea? Would you like to see other brands offer this idea?