Coca-Cola celebrates favorite summer rituals with Open for Summer

Coca-Cola’s New Summer Packaging On-Shelves Nationwide, photo provided by Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola’s New Summer Packaging On-Shelves Nationwide, photo provided by Coca-Cola /

It is time to get off the couch and Coca-Cola is ready with its new packaging that celebrates Summer Tastes Better with Coca-Cola. From favorite summer rituals to making memories, each bottle is a reason to crack open a Coke and smile. Aren’t you ready for the next great summer adventure?

Many people feel that this summer will hold more opportunities to enjoy a taste of favorite pasttimes. As a new season approaches, the hope is that this summer will feel more open, have an optimistic feel, and allow for an opportunity to have a taste of what people love about enjoying summer.

Hitting store shelves today, Coca-Cola has launched new packaging on its classic Coke and Zero Sugar 20 oz bottles. The theme of “Summer Tastes Better with Coca-Cola” celebrates summer rituals through poems. On the various labels, the verses capture those favorite summer moments.

Sometimes life’s simple pleasures that bring happiness. It is a reminder that joy can be found all around. Whether it is that backyard barbecue, watching the fireflies in the nighttime sky or heading to the ballpark to enjoy a game, the reality is that good times and happy memories are all around.

Coca-Cola open for summer campaign
Coca-Cola’s New Summer Packaging On-Shelves Nationwide, photo provided by Coca-Cola /

In many ways, Coke has been part of many people’s summer traditions. From stocking the cooler for that day at the beach to cracking open a can to bring refreshment on the hottest day ever, the reality is that summer rituals always include a favorite summer beverage. That idea of “summer tastes better with Coca-Cola” is a concept that many people appreciate.

Looking at the 24 different poems, they seem to reflect a sentiment that many people are craving. While “normal” might be a word that has left the vernacular, the feeling of familiar seems to be the theme of the summer.

These poems stand as a reminder that opportunities are all round everyone. From small moments that present themselves every day to finding ways to uncover the smiles around those summer activities, many people are ready to find some bright moments this summertime.

The Coca-Cola “Summer Tastes Better with Coca-Cola” packaging is available now through August 8. The special packaging be featured on “fridge packs, 24 oz, 1L and 2L bottles.”

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Are you ready to make some new summer memories? Is Coca-Cola part of your summer traditions?