Krispy Kreme embraces Island Time with new doughnut flavors

Krispy Kreme Island Time doughnut flavors, photo provided by Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme Island Time doughnut flavors, photo provided by Krispy Kreme /

Warm breezes and vacation vibes are part of the Krispy Kreme new doughnut flavors. The new Island Time Collection brings the beach to the doughnut box and no plane ticket is required. If that doughnut announcement wasn’t enough, Key Lime Glazed doughnuts are back, too. Ready for that doughnut state of mind?

As the summer season begins, Krispy Kreme is bringing new flavors to the doughnut box. While 2021 has been filled with new flavors for the doughnut brand, this latest offering could have many people longing to leave the couch behind and get on a plane to a tropical getaway.

Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer for Krispy Kreme, said “People have been dreaming about returning to summer vacations. Our new Island Time doughnuts will give everyone a sweet taste of the tropics.”

What are the Krispy Kreme new doughnut flavors?

The Island Time Collection from Krispy Kreme features three flavors, Pina Colada Doughnut, Island Time Doughnut and Key Lime Doughnut. The Island Time Doughnut has all those beach vibes. From the little palm tree decoration to the graham cracker sand, it is photo-worthy doughnut.

The Pina Colada Doughnut definitely brings the beach vibes. Featuring Pina Colada flavored Kreme, the doughnut boosts even more coconut flavor with toasted coconut shreds and Pina Colada flavored icing. The cherry on top is the perfect sweet note.

new doughnut flavors at Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme Key Lime doughnuts, photo provided by Krispy Kreme /

Lastly, the Key Lime Doughnut returns to the menu. Featuring Key Lime Kreme, graham cracker crumbs and green icing, this doughnut might be better than Key Lime pie.

Plus, Key Lime Fridays are the sweet ending to the month. On May 21 and May 28, Krispy Kreme will feature Key Lime Glazed Doughnut and Key Lime Filled Doughnut.

Coming on the heels of the Strawberry Glaze special offering, the Key Lime flavor is the perfect choice to kick off summer. Even if that tropical getaway is waiting, these doughnut flavors will pique that appetite for a taste of the tropics.

The new doughnut flavors will be available for a limited time. Just like a vacation, it is best to savor the moment before it fades into a memory.

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What is your favorite Krispy Kreme doughnut flavor?