New Tropicana Premium Drinks are a sip of tropical refreshment

New Tropicana premium drink flavors for summer, photo provided by Tropicana
New Tropicana premium drink flavors for summer, photo provided by Tropicana /

Bring a taste of the tropics to the refrigerator because the new Tropicana Premium Drinks are the ultimate refreshment for summer. While the classic Tropicana orange juice is always a crowd pleaser, the reality is that sometimes there’s a thirst for another beverage. Which flavor will help you beat the heat?

Included in the new Tropicana Premium Drinks line are Pina Colada, Caribbean Sunset, Summer Berry Bliss and Strawberry Kiwi Sunrise. While a few flavors might sound like cocktail hour, the flavors are could turn any hour into island time.

While many people have thought of creative ways to use the Pina Colada offering, all four flavors are quite exciting. Even if you do not have a pool in the backyard, a little fan and a spritz could be a mimic the beach vibes.

Which new Tropicana Premium Drinks flavors should you try first?

For families, the Strawberry Kiwi Sunrise will be a popular choice. Many kids love the combination of strawberry and kiwi. Thinking about this option, the beverage would be great used in a smoothie. The sweet notes could help to balance some of the other flavors and it would pair well with banana, a smoothie staple.

Although the Pina Colada flavor seems a like a flavorful choice for cocktail hour, the Caribbean Sunset would also fit the bill. Instead of adding adult beverages, consider adding a sparkling water or mixer to the beverage for a tasty mocktail. For example, adding a citrus sparkling water could boost the bright flavors in this beverage.

Lastly, the Summer Berry Bliss might be the perfect summer food pairing companion. While many people love serving berry desserts at summer barbecues, this beverage could be delightful with some ribs, barbecue chicken or even that grilled salad. Summer and berries are always a delightful pairing.

The new Tropicana Premium Drinks flavors can be found at a variety of retailers. Prices may vary.

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What is your favorite summer beverage? Does your beverage choice change depending on the season?