Did you really leave your unicorn tail in an Uber, and other lost items

Most unusual items left in an Uber, photo provided by Uber
Most unusual items left in an Uber, photo provided by Uber /

The convenience of Uber has made it part of everyone’s lives. Whether it is that ride from the airport or that ride home after a long day, the service has become part of many people’s routines. Even the new services that allow food stops along the way or being able to schedule an Uber Eats delivery show that the company is always finding ways to assist its users. But, with some of the most unlikely items forgotten in an Uber, should the app have an alert for – “did you forget something?”

Everyone has been in that situation. You’re talking to friends, chatting with your driver or trying to send that last minute work email. In the rush of everything, that bag of left-over pad thai gets left on the seat. Sure, the driver doesn’t necessarily appreciate the delicious aroma wafting from the back seat because you left the food behind, but that situation might be a little understandable.

In a recent Uber survey, the company compiled some unusual items that have been left behind. Although there are no judgments on what people do or do not like, a few of these items will have people scratching their heads. Who has a unicorn tail in their possession? Or more importantly, where do you buy one?

What unusual items have been left behind in an Uber in the past year?

Uber shared its annual Lost and Found list. While some items might be within the realm of possibilities the following forgotten foods made FoodSided wonder, why, just why.

  • 22 bundt cakes and a pan of macaroni and cheese
  • Fresh shrimp
  • Rabbit legs
  • A sushi platter
  • Frozen meat, a lot of it
  • A popcorn bucket from Disney World
  • Wine and my edibles
  • Ham for Thanksgiving is in the trunk

Although this list doesn’t include items like a tattoo machine, a Harry Potter wand or that picture of William and Kate, the list does raise many questions. For example, why 22 bundt cakes? Is there a significance to that number? Was the fresh shrimp on ice and did it leak all over the car? Did the family have to go back to Disney World to replace that special popcorn bucket?

Although these lists will have people talking, there is that other element of should the Uber app have an alert saying – did you forget something? In New York City, the cabs did have a similar alert. Maybe a little notice as the driver approaches the destination can help avoid these forgotten items. After all, no driver wants to open a trunk only to find a warm sushi platter on a hot day.

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What is the most unusual item that you have left in an Uber? Did you get it back?