Joel McHale toasts his title as Q Mixers Chief Happy Hour Officer

Joel McHale for Q Mixers, photo provided by Q Mixers
Joel McHale for Q Mixers, photo provided by Q Mixers /

Whether you address him with this full title or just raise a glass, Joel McHale is ready to step both behind and in front of the bar as the Q Mixers Chief Happy Hour Officer. With a great cocktail in his hand and a story to tell, it is time to imbibe in a Five O’Clock fuzz and let the conversation flow.

Ahead of the announcement regarding his position as Chief Happy Hour Officer (CH0), McHale graciously took some time to chat about his love of a great cocktail. While no drinks were spilled during our video chat, the reality is that McHale is the perfect person to share a drink with. From witty banter to some insightful commentary in the mix, the conversation could go on long after closing time.

As Chief Happy Hour Officer, McHale is considering his first decree in that position. He shared that “I think that every hour could be happy hour as long as you’re responsible and you have a lot of hair gel and some cool shoes.” Since no one was driving during our chat, the responsibility factor was on point and the hair gel is all McHale.

But, his point is valid. Enjoying a great cocktail isn’t limited to a specific time on the clock. The reality is that the thirst for a clean, crispy drink can happen just as likely at noon as it does at five o’clock. Still, the reality is that any beverage in the glass needs to taste delicious. Just like no one would put bad food on a plate, no one should put bad tasting ingredients in a glass.

That concept is what founded Q Mixers. As Jordan Silbert, Founder & CEO of Q Mixers, said, “I founded Q Mixers with a simple purpose: to make superior mixers so that my favorite drinks could be even better. As we look ahead to the summer when people will start getting together again, Q Mixers will help bring the joy back to Happy Hour.”

What does Joel McHale do as the Q Mixers Chief Happy Hour Officer?

For McHale, the choice to use Q Mixers is simple. It comes down to the flavor. While the brand has 11 different flavors, there is an option for any spirit on the shelf. From McHale’s love of a great bourbon or his wife’s preference for tequila, those premium spirits are better when highlighted with an outstanding mixer.

As McHale commented, he might be a “foodie” but he feels “I am a snob when it comes to this stuff.” He believes “why wouldn’t you use something that is high quality? It isn’t like it’s that expensive or anything. When there is a high-quality product available why wouldn’t you buy it.”

Since McHale appreciates a good spirit, he understands that a superior mixer is important. He thinks that putting a bad mixer with a premium spirit is like “having a Turbo S Porsche and then putting bald tires on it.”

Joel McHale for Q Mixer
Joel McHale for Q Mixers, photo provided by Q Mixers /

While flavor creates a great cocktail, the carbonation is the effervescence that makes each sip even more inviting. When a cocktail goes flat too soon, the drink fails.

As McHale shared “when carbonated soda stops being carbonated instantly, when something hits it, it’s more depressing than, you know, old age, really, old age.”

While Q Mixers might not be the fountain of youth, it can save any drinker from a bad cocktail. Whether it is McHale’s 5 O’Clock Fuzz, a simple gin and tonic or a special creation from your home bar, the reality is that a great cocktail is more than just a premium spirit. Without a spectacular mixer, that cocktail goes flat.

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Q Mixers can be found at various retailers. The 11 different flavors are sold in both cans and bottles.

Joel McHale is the host of Crime Scene Kitchen which will premiere on FOX, May 26, 2021.

Do you have a signature cocktail? What is your favorite Q Mixers flavor?