Will pancake bowls be the next big food trend?

flip’d by IHOP, photo provided by IHOP
flip’d by IHOP, photo provided by IHOP /

As IHOP announced that flip’d by IHOP will be opening this summer, the highly anticipated pancake bowls will be joining the menu. While the “bowl” isn’t a new concept, a pancake bowl could replace those baked oats, pancake cereal and a variety of other food trends. Ready to get a taste of one?

According to IHOP, the Signature Pancake Bowls will feature the brand’s world-famous Buttermilk Pancakes. Those pancakes will be topped with a variety of mix-ins plus real whipped butter.

It will be interesting to see what mix-ins will be available. While some people will want some fruit (or healthy-ish) options, many people might want to turn this idea into pancake dessert. From chocolate chips to caramel drizzle, there are many ways to bring the sweet to the bowl.

For guests who prefer to leave the toppings to the experts, the Strawberry Banana bowl is a tasty choice. The banana pancakes will be combined with more bananas, strawberries and whipped topping. In a way, this pancake option offers the perfect balance in every bite.

What would you put in pancake bowls?

As shared by IHOP, flip’d will offer Build Your Own Signature Pancake Bowls. With mix-ins from the Top It Off! Bar, guests can make the ultimate creations. From fruit compotes to sprinkles and blueberries to chocolate chips, the combinations are almost endless.

While this idea is available at flip’d by IHOP, it seems likely that many people might borrow the concept. Although pancake boards and breakfast boards have been a big food trend, these pancake bowls could be the next big thing. Get ready for the flood of TikTok videos.

There is something about the “bowl” format that people find appealing. Whether it is fun to eat or that perfectly composed bite, there bowl is here to stay.

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What do you think will be the next big food trend? Are you excited to try these pancake bowls?