The best breakfast boards always have this one ingredient

The best breakfast boards always have this one ingredient, photo provided by Kodiak Cakes
The best breakfast boards always have this one ingredient, photo provided by Kodiak Cakes /

What’s the secret to the best breakfast boards?

Move over avocado toast, the best breakfast boards are here to change your breakfast food routine. Whether you cannot decide on just one breakfast food, want a bounty of choices or just like to graze, the breakfast board is the food trend that makes everyone smile.

From breakfast becoming the family meal to breakfast for dinner, the breakfast board has become a food trend that makes everyone hungry. Although the cheese plate and charcuterie board will never go out of style, the “board” way of serving food has become the easy way to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Since everyone is bringing this food trend into their kitchen, creating the best breakfast boards doesn’t require the Martha Stewart touch. While Pinterest has a variety of tasty and tempting suggestions, there is a little secret to making that breakfast bounty even better.

The key to any food board is finding the right combinations of flavors and texture. Since texture offers eating satisfaction, it is important to add that component.

best breakfast boards ideas
Breakfast boards, photo provided by Kodiak Cakes /

For example, in addition to pancakes, why not add some crispy waffles or even some granola bites. The Kodiak Cakes pancake and waffle mix works both recipes. That simple buttermilk mix served in two different ways can show how the flavor evolves with different textures. And, a few of the Kodiak Cakes granola bites sprinkled on top of that pancake or waffle is quite enjoyable.

While texture is important, flavor is king. Even if you love sweet, the board needs contrasting flavors. Even if Buddy the Elf pours syrup on everything, other people like a little savory or even sour thrown into the mix.

The secret ingredient on our best breakfast boards is candied bacon. That bite of sweet and savory is always the first food to be plucked. Whether you eat it on its own, crumble it on top of pancakes or put it in between two waffles for a sandwich, it is irresistible.

While there are many recipes for candied bacon, consider making a bold flavor statement with the recipe. From using a coffee maple syrup to even a little hot honey, those intense flavors are the tasty contrast to the other breakfast board ingredients.

Lastly, don’t forget the fruit on the best breakfast boards. Although it can be hard to choose some orange slices over candied bacon, those lighter bites help to balance everything else. Plus, it can be nice to end the meal on a bright, lighter note. Even if you ate five pancakes covered in Nutella, a little orange slice at the end of the meal will leave you even more satisfied.

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What is your secret ingredient for the best breakfast board? Have you embraced the breakfast board trend?