Are you hungry for the ultimate steakcation experience?

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As the weather warms and summer fun is on the horizon, could the ultimate steakcation be the perfect food getaway? While many people have turned the backyard into their personal escape, the reality is that some people are ready to step beyond the fence. Ready to take pick up the bags and go on a food adventure?

Summer and grilling go hand in hand. Whether it is perfecting that juicy hamburger or mastering a steak, it is all about taming the flames on the grill. Even though some summer fun was a little less boisterous last year, the reality is that many people are craving another great food adventure. Luckily, Omaha Steaks is ready to deliver.

Many people turn to Omaha Steaks as their steak authority. Who didn’t grow up with those boxes arriving on the doorstep. Dad would unwrap his bounty and prepare the grill. From the first sizzle to the last bite, every meal that featured those iconic steaks brought smiles around the table.

What is the Omaha Steaks steakcation experience?

One lucky person will get the opportunity to immerse themselves into the ultimate steak experience. Happening on Father’s Day weekend, one lucky person will get a “rare” Omaha Steak event. More details and how to enter can be found at

According to Todd Simon, Omaha Steaks chairman and CEO, shared in a statement. “Our Steakation is the perfect way to share our love for what we do best: steak. We can’t wait to host our guests, showing them all that our hometown has to offer.”

While only one person will be able to experience this steakcation, everyone can get a taste of those classic steaks in their own home. From always perfect filet mignon to the hearty ribeye, Omaha Steaks are a cut above the rest.

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