Wolfgang documentary on Disney+ tells his story beyond the plate

Wolfgang Puck documentary on Disney Plus, photo provided by Disney Plus
Wolfgang Puck documentary on Disney Plus, photo provided by Disney Plus /

When foodies sit to watch the Wolfgang documentary on Disney+, the story is more than the delectable dishes that epitomized the concept of New American cuisine. While many people know Wolfgang Puck from his legendary Spago, Michelin Stars and numerous appearances on food television, the celebrated chef appreciates that his journey is one that could inspire others. Sometimes the pinnacle of success is sweeter because the journey was a long one.

Set to premiere on June 12 at Tribeca Film Festival then available on Disney+ on June 25, the documentary brings the story of the man behind the food. Before chefs took over social media feeds and were known on a first name basis, Puck earned his spot in the food echelon. In many ways, the man was as important as the food on the plate.

Brought to life by the Supper Club team (Chef’s Table, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and Street Food), director David Gelb, shows how “a chef could be a storyteller, a teacher and a friend.” That “tradition of Wolfgang Puck,” will give people even more appreciation for his food.

Although Puck built a global empire and became that “celebrity chef,” the accolades came at a cost. While people within the restaurant industry appreciate the demands that this lifestyle creates, the reality is that balance is often not achieved.

Even though Wolfgang Puck does not necessarily want to always look backwards, he believes that this documentary has an important story to tell. As Puck shared, “In a single phrase, we call it the American dream.”

In today’s food world, people crave the story behind the plate. Although people sometimes get a glimpse of that personality, this documentary shows that the biggest success is not instantaneous. The struggles and triumphs go hand in hand to achieving that legendary status.

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The Wolfgang documentary will premiere on Disney+ June 25.

Which celebrated chef do you think has influenced the culinary world for the better? What other chefs deserve their story to be told?