Two Chicks Cocktails are summer’s deliciously designed perfect accessory

Two Chicks Cocktails, photo provided Two Chicks Cocktails
Two Chicks Cocktails, photo provided Two Chicks Cocktails /

When friends enjoy a round of cocktails, there is usually a story to be told and Two Chicks Cocktails inspire moments to remember. From those simple diversions after a long week to boisterous occasions that linger all day long, these canned cocktails can spark that moment of togetherness. It might not be those three “Ls” from a sign, but it is a connection that will continue after the can is empty.

Having become its own market category, canned cocktails are changing people’s beverage habits. Instead of having to go to a favorite bar or become your own mixologist, those classic, favorite cocktails are available in a more convenient format. With a pop of the tab, a refreshing sip is waiting.

Although the beverage category has grown, not all canned cocktails are the same. Flavors, ingredients and concepts set one can apart from the rest. It is about finding a beverage that fits a personality, a feeling or just feels right.

How are Two Chicks Cocktails standing out on the shelf?

As a “woman owned, founded and run company,” Two Chicks Cocktails believes that its purpose is as important as the beverages that it offers. From the packaging to the flavors, the beverages have a “feminine twist.” It isn’t to say that these beverages are for woman only, but the flavors are more nuanced and elevated that just another canned cocktail.

Using real premium spirits, (including tequila, vodka, whiskey and gin), the beverages balance fruit and botanicals into a well-designed sip. The layers of flavors are like all the elements to a perfect day. Sometimes a touch sweet, a little tart and always filled with bubbly effervescence.

Available in eight flavors, one aspect seems to set these canned cocktails apart in the sea of sameness. The touch of herbal or savory notes adds an element of intrigue. From the basil with the strawberry and lemonade to the cucumber with the apple and gin, the touch of the unexpected adds to the sipping enjoyment.

Since each canned cocktail has a 5% ABV, the beverages are perfect for those moments that invite togetherness. It isn’t about over-indulgence. Like that perfect outfit, it is all about finding the beautiful balance between flirty, fun and fabulous.

Two Chick Cocktails are available at various retailers, including Drizly, ReserveBar and MiniBar.

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Isn’t it time to toast to good times, good friends, and great cocktails? When the glass is shared together, the moment becomes a taste to remember.