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Many home cooks turn to Andrew Zimmern for delicious recipes and innovative food advice. Recently, Zimmern partnered with Aldi to put the food waste conversation front and center in the kitchen. While his two simple tips can change how, what and why families shop for food, the reality is that it is just one portion of the conversation. A little additional cooking creativity is a tasty solution, too.

For some families, salad can cause that food debate. Even though young and old appreciate that a salad should be on the table, the excitement about those leafy greens might be underwhelming. Even though the kids might think that pushing the greens around the plate could trick mom into thinking that they took a bite, the reality is food is being wasted.

While a smaller bowl might be helpful or that food waste list can moderate future shopping trips, Zimmern believes that there are a few more solutions for re-inventing those leftover vegetables.

What recipe does Andrew Zimmern use to reduce food waste?

During a recent conversation with Zimmern, he recommended simple, tasty solutions that can transform a variety of vegetables and keep them from being thrown away unused. He shared the following story.

Recalling a friend whose kids wouldn’t eat an entire bowl of salad, he recommended taking those leftovers and re-purposing them. Granted, the wilted greens might not be the best choice for salad part two, but there are other options on the table.

Zimmern shared, “just put it all in a ziploc bag and throw it in the into the refrigerator and the next morning blend that up as a shake” or a smoothie. With all the flavors and nutrients, it is a great choice to re-imagine food and keep waste to a minimum.

In many ways, Zimmern shows that it is about re-thinking food in many ways. The single use, one purpose concept is too limiting. Cooking creativity is key.

Zimmern shared that another option is a Spanish Gazpacho. Any of those leftover vegetables can be “blanched in boiling water and pureed.” “With a little olive oil and vinegar,” it becomes that delicious dish.

As Zimmern said, “you’re increasing your health and decreasing your waste tremendously.” In addition, it skips all the sweet fruit juices and boosts all the vegetables.

Ensuring that food purchased is food used has become the most important cooking tip for any home cook. While the conversation starts at the store, families need to appreciate the versatility that food offers. Just because on item is purchased for a particular purpose doesn’t mean that it cannot be used in other ways, too.

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What changes have you adapted to reduce food waste? What tips can you share that have made a difference in your house?