Bud Light wants to give you a free beer to kick off summer

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(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

As Memorial Day approaches, Bud Light understands that many people are ready to celebrate, and a free beer might be the perfect beverage to toast to summer fun. Ready to enjoy a beer on Bud Light?

On a warm day, many people find an ice cold beer perfectly refreshing. Whether poured directly from the tap, sipped from a can or drunk from the bottle, the crisp, classic taste of a Bud Light just hits the spot. While that sip of familiar quenches that longing for the perfect summer day, only one thing can make it better. How about a free beer?

Starting today, May 24, Bud Light is buying the first round at various restaurants and bars. As seen on social media, the first round is on Bud.

The free beer promotion is part of the Stimulus Plan that was announced earlier this year. While other programs are ending soon, Bud Light understands that summer needs a boost. Even as everyone begins to venture back into the traditional summer activities, sometimes there needs to be a little encouragement for getting off the couch. Sure, those yoga pants and slippers are comfy, but isn’t it time to let that cushion get a breather?

To get this free beer, simply send the beer receipt to Bud Light Legends. Also, certain establishments will have special QR codes on tables. Simply snap, send and raise a glass. While the free beer won’t immediately be seen on your tab, the reimbursement might be quicker than that stimulus check.

This promotion is just one of the many events that Bud Light will be offering this summer. While there might be 100 days of summer vacation, there will be many reasons to step away from the laptop, zoom call and other responsibilities and enjoy some summer fun. The free beer is just the start.

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What are you looking forward to this summer? More importantly, what beverages will be in your cooler?