Joyba Bubble Tea takes the bubble tea trend in a new direction

Joyba Bubble Tea, photo provided by Del Monte
Joyba Bubble Tea, photo provided by Del Monte /

The bubble tea trend is not ready to burst and Joyba Bubble Tea by Del Monte puts the beverage on a new track. While many people head to their favorite restaurant to enjoy that sip with an extra burst of refreshment, the convenience of satisfying that craving is missing. With this new beverage from Del Monte, enjoying bubble tea is within everyone’s grasp.

While many people turn to Del Monte for a bounty of fruit and vegetable offerings, Joyba is a slightly different offering from the successful brand. The brand is building on the success of its boba in its fruit cups, Bubble Fruit. Many people were drawn to the playfulness that those fruit cups offered.

This ready to drink tea offering makes that popular bubble tea more accessible. While the restaurant offerings are tasty, they often come with expensive price tags. That scenario makes them more of a “sometimes” treat instead of anytime refreshment.

How is Joyba Bubble Tea capturing the beverage trend?

Looking at store shelves, ready to drink bubble tea seems to be missing. Even though many people love the drinking experience, there is that void and Del Monte is looking to fill that emptiness. More importantly, it delivers on that flavor that people crave.

new joyba bubble tea from del monte
Joyba Bubble Tea, photo provided by Del Monte /

Available in four flavors, Strawberry Lemonade Green Tea; Raspberry Dragon Fruit Black Tea; Mango Passion Fruit Green Tea; and Cherry Hibiscus Tea, the offerings blend the tradition with the touch exotic. Whether it is the sweet yet slightly tart Strawberry Lemonade Green to the sweet Cheery Hibiscus Tea, there is a flavor that will excite many tea drinkers.

Looking at each of the flavors, the bubble tea aspect isn’t the only food trend in each sip. Del Monte’s choices show that people are wanting more nuanced flavors in their beverages. While the strawberry lemonade might be the most traditional, the addition of flavors like dragon fruit and passion fruit show that people are looking for bolder flavors. Today’s fruit bowl is more than just apples and oranges.

Since this tea offering is a grab and go beverage, one packaging design is key to its enjoyment. The straw is built into the cup. Simply expand the straw, pop it into the container and take a sip. It is convenience and refreshment at its best.

As shoppers discover the Joyba Bubble Tea, it will be interesting to see if other brands follow Del Monte’s lead. From the beverage aisle to the refrigerator, it will be interesting to see if these teas replace other beverages on the shelve. Sometimes a little “extra” in that sip can be the boost that people crave.

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What do you think of Joyba Bubble Tea from Del Monte? Do you think that it is the refreshing solution to the bubble tea trend?