Yolanda Gampp shares that this cake is always her favorite choice

Dessert lovers swoon over the sugary creations from Yolanda Gampp. While her realistic cakes often have people looking in awe and wondering how sugar and flour can be transformed into that picture perfect confection, the truth is that one cake brings her back for seconds, thirds and more. Which cake is her hands down favorite?

As one of the judges on the new FOX show Crime Scene Kitchen, Gampp has her fork ready to taste all the desserts that these bakers are ready to present. While the series of clues help these culinary detectives solve the baking mystery, the solution is only part of the challenge. The flavor, presentation and execution of the desserts need to impress Gampp and Curtis Stone.

While Crime Scene Kitchen will tackle a variety of desserts, Gampp is known for her cakes. As seen through her company, How To Cake It, she can inspire any baker to get into the kitchen and experiment with the possibilities that baking offers.

Although Gampp predicts that cupcakes might be making a comeback in the near future, the reality is that many people are excited to explore the fun of baking. From attempting those realistic cakes or just relishing the accomplishment of transforming ingredients into a tasty treat, baking is and will be exciting.

Which cake makes Yolanda Gampp smile?

During a recent conversation, Gampp shared many of her thoughts on desserts as well as her role on Crime Scene Kitchen. Since everyone tends to have a favorite dessert or dessert craving, I had to ask Gampp about her preferred choice.

Gampp said, “My first birthday cake was a Black Forest cake which I promptly sunk my hand into and it’s still one of my favorites. I think that might be the exact moment I fell in love with cake!”

Thinking about a Black Forest cake, that flavor is rich, decadent and totally crave worthy. From the rich ganache to the airy whipped cream, one bite can make almost any dessert lover swoon.

While Gampp does lover her Black Forest Cake, she did share that she is the only baker at home. Although she might be the one in the kitchen, she does get some help from her family.

Gampp shared, “I ask everyone to vote during the holiday seasons (for a dessert). I have some go-tos, like caramel cheesecake for Easter and Apple Pie for Thanksgiving, but I love trying new recipes all the time.”

It will be interesting to see if any of the bakers from Crime Scene Kitchen influence a recipe for an upcoming celebration or a tip on How To Cake It. Finding some collaboration in the kitchen can be a sweet reward.


Crime Scene Kitchen airs on FOX Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. EST.

What is your favorite cake or dessert? Have you mastered that recipe in the home kitchen?