Are cicada recipes the next must have foodie culinary trend?

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As the Brood Cicadas emerge from their hibernation, a culinary trend is hitting the table with cicada recipes. While some offerings are just a colorful nod to those insects, a few other food dishes are asking people take a big bite and brave a new foodie adventure.

Although some countries and cultures are a little more food inclusive, insects are not commonly part of most people’s diets. For most people in the U.S., insects are more likely a challenge on Fear Factor than a crunchy snack treat.

With the Brood Cicadas on everyone’s mind, many people are finding a way to put all those flying creatures to good use. From candy to snacks, some people are closing their eyes and going all in on that crunch.

Could Frank’s RedHot turn cicada recipes into a food that you would try?

Putting the phrase “put that $#!t on everything” to the test, Frank’s RedHot is releasing its Frank’s RedHot Cicada Cookbook. Available online at the brand’s website, the one week only offering will feature 13 cicada recipes. While it might still take a bite of courage, these recipes might be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Some of the recipes include “Air-Fried Buffalo Cicada “Wings”, Buffalo Bug Dip and Spicy Cicada Mary.” Of course, these recipes are meant to have a little humor in each bite. Not everyone will really want to try an insect, but the bold flavor of Frank’s RedHot might help people take on the bug challenge.

At the same time, this natural phenomenon might be the perfect time to re-think people’s willingness to eat other forms of food. Maybe insects will be the new environmentally friendly food choice.

Or, this cookbook could be perfect for the next Halloween party. Bug Dip might be that food dare that will become a new tradition.

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What do you think of cicada recipes? Would you be willing to take a bite?