Favorite candy bars are raising the bar to help Children’s Miracle Network

Ferrero and Children's Miracle Network collaboration, photo provided by Ferrero
Ferrero and Children's Miracle Network collaboration, photo provided by Ferrero /

Sometimes a simple gesture has profound meaning. Three iconic Ferrero candy bars, Butterfinger, CRUNCH and Baby Ruth, are joining forces to help the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Through the program, Raising the Bar, the simple act of enjoying a favorite candy bar will be more than just a sweet treat. It will help a child in need.

For many people, Butterfinger, CRUNCH and Baby Ruth offer a sweet taste of childhood. Whether some people remember those old school Bart Simpson commercials about don’t lay a finger on my Butterfinger or can recall that first moment when you appreciated the crispy texture of a CRUNCH bar, the reality is that sweet treats can bring a smile in just a bite. That simplicity is what makes candy a universal treat.

Through the Raising the Bar campaign, Ferrero looks to “positively impact kids’ health through a partnership with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.” While a candy bar might not be an instant cure, unwrapping that treat can be a step toward a better tomorrow.

Part of the campaign focuses on special Ferrero candy bars wrappers that were designed by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champions. Each wrapper has an image that is said to represent “imaginative, fond or memorable moment in their lives.” Whether it is a moment of joy, a reminder to be resilient or just appreciating being a kid, these wrappers stand as a visual reminder that some of the bravest people might not have finished high school.

Ferrero candy bars and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals collaboration
Ferrero and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals collaboration, photo provided by Ferrero /

Mark Wakefield, Senior Vice President Marketing, Ferrero Mainstream Chocolate & Nutella, believes that this partnership will help to provide for a strong journey for all those people on this challenging path, but that journey is not a solitary one. Wakefield said, “Just like Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, CRUNCH, Butterfinger and Baby Ruth aim to create moments that bring people together every day.”

The Ferrero candy bars with special packaging will be available at various retailers. Now through August 13, 2021, “CRUNCH, Butterfinger and Baby Ruth will donate a percentage of the retail purchase price from all participating products (limited-edition and regularly packaged singles, share packs and fun size bags), up to $350,000, to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.”

Whether you are craving something sweet, ready to celebrate the summer months or want to support a worthy cause, it is time to buy some extra candy bars. It might sound a little silly, but life is too short to skip the sweet treats, especially when they help someone in need.

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What are your favorite candy bars? Are you more willing to indulge when there is a special event connection?