RXBAR Plant delivers on the brand’s signature commitment to quality and taste

New RXBAR Plant, photo provided by RXBARS
New RXBAR Plant, photo provided by RXBARS /

Continuing the brand’s approach to put its simple ingredients front and center, RXBAR Plant is the brand’s first plant-based offering. While fans have been asking for this option, the brand wanted to ensure that the flavor was on point. The best bites are always worth the wait.

RXBAR has proven that simple ingredients offer not only good nutrition but delicious flavor. While many people read labels to understand all the ingredients in their food, RXBAR does not hide what is in their food. Often with just a few items in that protein bar, the label proudly displays what is inside.

Although there is a simplicity to this brand, the addition of a plant-based food option opens even more possibilities. As plant-based food continues to take over store shelves, the reality is that this food option is no longer a niche market. From the person who just occasionally grabs a plant-based food to the person who prefers to follow a more regimented lifestyle, the reality is that this way of healthy eating is here and will continue to expand.

Why did the brand choose to offer RXBAR Plant?

According to Jenny Lindquist, Director of Experience Planning, RXBAR, “Fans have been asking for a plant-based RXBAR for quite some time.” Lindquist believes that this offering is “a plant-based protein bar that delivers on both quality and taste, both essential to us in the development of RXBAR Plant. That’s why it has been nearly two years in the making, to make sure we did it right.”

While RXBAR incorporates egg whites as protein in its traditional bars, the new plant-based option uses “10g of plant-based protein in this offering.” The ingredients include “dates, nuts, oats, and a blend of pea and almond protein.”

The new RXBAR Plant is available in two flavors, Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter. While this offering has a new recipe, the taste and texture is what fans have come to expect. That slightly chewy, soft texture balanced with clean, bold flavors comes through in each and every bite.

Debuting with these two flavors is an interesting choice for RXBARS. Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter have a wide appeal. In addition, they feel a little more like an indulgence than a chore. From the cookie dough like characteristic of the Chocolate Chip to the rich peanut butter flavor, many people will appreciate choosing healthy eating options when they feel more like a treat.

How does RXBAR Plant fill a void in the protein bar category?

Whether it is a quick bite, nutritional boost or a workout recovery, protein bars are often a grab and go option within many people’s reach. But, not all protein bars are the same, especially in the plant-based space. Just because a food option fits the plant-based label doesn’t mean that it is always the best nutritional choice.

As Mia Zarlengo RXercise ambassador and registered dietitian commented. “Plant-based protein bars that taste great and give you nutrients you need can be difficult to find.” Zarlengo believes, “The blend of pea and almond protein in RXBAR Plant provides essential amino acids, or building blocks of protein, our bodies need to build muscle, making it great on-the-go fuel for anyone following a more plant-forward diet.”

The RXBAR Plant is now available online via the brand’s website. In addition, the offering will be available at retailers including Target and Kroger.

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What do you think of this new food offering? Do you think that more brands need to embrace this direction?