TB12 Electrolyte Fruit Variety Pack is perfect for summer hydration

TB12 powdered electrolytes in new fruit flavors, photo provided by TB12
TB12 powdered electrolytes in new fruit flavors, photo provided by TB12 /

As the temperatures rise, summer hydration is as important as all the fun in the sun. With the TB12 Electrolyte Fruit Variety Pack, the health and wellness company founded by Tom Brady and Alex Guerrero, offers three new summer-inspired flavors to the mix. No more excuses for not staying hydrated.

While athletes understand the importance of proper hydration, everyone needs to appreciate that warm weather requires more drinking. Although that water bottle might be a constant companion on a hot day, the reality is that even more fluids need to be drunk. By the time you feel thirsty, the dehydration has already started.

Although drinking plain water is always good choice, other beverages can help supplement. But, not all beverages are the same. From hidden sugars to other questionable ingredients, that refreshing beverage might have add more to the cup that a thirst reducer.

Many people have turned to the TB12 Method to help fuel their lifestyle. From healthy eating recipes to an overall lifestyle approach, the concept has had many adaptors. Even though this concept will not instantly make anyone the ultimate athlete, the lifestyle can offer a balanced approach to feeling good and energized.

What is in the TB12 Electrolyte Fruit Pack?

The TB12 Powered Electrolyte Variety Pack features three new summer flavors. They are grapefruit, fruit punch and ripe guava. While fruit punch might be a well-known choice, the ripe guava is a game changer for electrolyte beverages. This tropical fruit will offer a bold, flavorful choice for hydration beverages. In a sea of sameness, this flavor stands out.

With all the TB12 electrolytes, each offering is “vegan, made with natural fruit flavors, and feature 5 calories and 1 gram of sugar per serving.” These characteristics are important for many consumers. From the low sugar to the minimal calories, many people use these characteristics as a guide for their beverage choices.

Also, the vegan classification is becoming more important. For many people, vegan choices drive their food purchases. Having a hydration option that fits within that lifestyle choice is paramount.

The TB12 Electrolyte Variety Pack is available online via TB12Sports.com and can be purchased in persona at TB12 Centers in Boston, Foxborough and Tampa. Each 30 package box contains 10 packets of each flavor. The box retails for $30.

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No more excuses. Summer is the time when proper hydration is more important than ever. The new TB12 flavors make it flavorful to keep on drinking.